It’s a YES or NEVER! 5 Ways to Motivate Kids to Do Chores

Is it tough to let kids do the chores? Make them say yes, or never at all. Try these five ways to motivate kids to do chores and life won’t be the same!

I’ve got a secret. I did NOT FEEL GUILTY at all. I let my kids do the chores today, and found myself time to enjoy a movie. Are you with me?

Let me share with you 5 ways to motivate kids to do chores. I tell you, it’s easy! There’s no turning back; it’s now or never at all!

How did I do it?

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5 Ways to Motivate Kids to Do Chores, Now or Never!

I know that chores are not exciting. It’s tiring and annoying. I’m sure my kids feel the same too. But, I’ve got to have some order at home, so I need to step up to keep myself sane.

If I just do it right, it won’t end up being a fight. I’ve taken every given chance to persuade them to do chores. Ways that they won’t even notice!

Make it Fun

Look for inspiration somewhere. Kids are playful. Playing is one reason that catches their attention. Of course, I need to be creative to motivate them to do so.

My kid enjoys watching a TV show of a famous chef who teaches cooking. When I asked her if she wants to be one, she said a showy YES. She never hesitated to help me in the kitchen.

And if you ask where’s the fun in that? Well, the deal is to record a video of her in the kitchen, made her say lines like she were a celebrity and got a thumbs up from the judge (her dad) for a job well done.

Guess what, she was inspired to make a cooking video and plans to publish them. No need to ask her to help every night. When it’s time, she’s on it. The recipe, and all that comes with it!

The Power of the Chore Chart

Having two or more kids is an advantage when it comes to this. Let them do a chore chart with their names on it, the date done and their signature. Each one will put their stamp after they finish a chore, then take turns. You can start with the eldest down to the youngest.

The chart can avoid fighting, maintain order and consistency. Put the chore chart on the fridge door along with a pen. Make sure that time is exclusive to chores. Make sure that Wi-Fi and TV are off, toys in the bin, and everyone should be working for smooth and fast completion.

Let the Kids do the Planning

Are you going to have a party? Don’t worry. Those young hands are all the assistance you’ll ever need. And how to make them help?

Parties are like an adventure to my kids. Therefore, it’s the most comfortable situation to motivate them. Let them know about the event ahead of time. Condition their mind that it’s going to be a blast.

Surely it would be a blast if you’ll let them plan. Make the young minds get involved by deciding what food to make, program and theme. Don’t underestimate our children’s imagination. The next thing you’ll know is they already divided the chores, according to their interests.

All you’ve got to do is guide them, pick up on some loopholes, and assist in coordination. And now, you’ll be the assistant!

Encouragement, Gratitude, and Self-Worth

Sometimes, it’s not difficult to motivate them at all.

  • Encouragement– Children need positive support. The tone of your voice and how you say the words is an enormous impact on how they would react. A loving tone with a bit of encouragement usually works with kids.
  • Gratitude– The reality of being appreciated is vital to our children. I don’t fail to recognize the effort of my child after she finished a chore. The feeling raises their self-esteem. Saying, “Thank you. What will I ever do without you?” is a strong motivation to make your child do the chores with a happy heart.
  • Self-Worth– The need to belong is natural for every individual. Even in the family, a little help is a significant contribution. Letting your child know that she’s a big contributor in making the home a happy place gives her self-worth. Self-worth motivates children to be responsible for doing their house chores.

Give Kids Something to Look Forward to After

Holding the thought of something that would make them happy makes the chore light and easy. I use this technique when the kids are in “lazy mode.” Those are times when nobody moves even an inch.

  • Movie and Popcorn– This usually happens during Friday nights. The faster the chores are complete after dinner, the earlier we can enjoy our movie night.
  • A trip to the park, zoo or mall– It’s very useful on weekends. If I see that the kids became couch potatoes and never bothered touching the dirty dishes, I’ll announce an outdoor trip for an hour or so. I’ll tell you; the house would be clean in a jiffy.
  • Favorite desserts– During weekdays when everyone complains about school work, I show them their favorite dessert that I made ahead. They can all eat it once they finish the chores.

The kids know that these tricks are to make them do the chores. But they fall into it every time.

My Final Thoughts

Have you ever heard of the quote “Strike while the iron is hot?” Teaching our children household chores is effective when you start at a young age. Expose and familiarize them with the daily activities at home and let them help you even when they’re still toddlers.

Little helping hands could be a bother sometimes. Start by just letting them play with the clothes, soap, water or vegetables. Kids are like babies who take transitions naturally. Your supervision is like school to them. You can reap the fruit of hard work once they take over your daily chores.

Try these 5 ways to motivate kids to do chores. There’s no fuss, just sweet bliss!

Author’s Bio:

Hi! My name is Sarah, founder of SarahsLovelyFamily. I love sharing tips and tricks I learned about raising my own family, helping parents like me raise their children healthily while enjoying. You can follow me on Twitter at @SarahsLovelyFam.






  1. What an awesome post and I should try these for my little one to help with house chores.

  2. Tami says:

    I feel like I’m constantly picking up after my son. These tips are the encouragement I need.

  3. Heather says:

    I noticed yelling at them to finish didn’t make the list. Hmm maybe I’ve been doing it all wrong. Just kidding (mostly). But getting kids to help out with chores is good for them and for me!

  4. Cindy Ingalls says:

    These are really great tips. Starting off young and making doing chores fun can make a huge difference in the long run.

  5. Great tips, I am currently wrestling with my kids to get all their chores done. I will have to try some of these!

  6. I wish you my sincere best with this working through the tween years. Of my four children everyone forgot about chores once they started finding there were other things in life than mom. Maybe you are doing something differently than I did. I hope so because what a downer it is when that fun stage goes away and bribery ahem allowance and so forth come into play. You sound very positive maybe that is your power 🙂

  7. I know that I will run into this issue more and more in the next few years. My oldest is just starting to help with chores while my youngest will start very simple things soon. Making chores fun is definitely one of the methods I use.

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