Natural Hair Growth Essentials

Chances are you’ve decided to resort back to wearing your natural hair so you can grow it. 

Great news… during your natural hair journey your hair will grow. However, you have to put in the work to get the hair growth you’re expecting. 

This article covers natural hair growth essentials that will help you jumpstart your natural hair growth. 

Natural Hair Growth Essentials

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Will going natural help hair grow

Going natural will help your hair grow because you’re ditching the harmful chemicals (relaxers). 

However, to experience natural hair growth you are going to have to put in the work. 

You’ll want to make sure that you’re keeping your hair healthy, establish a good natural hair routine, and wear protective styles when you don’t want to deal with the daily maintenance that comes with natural hair. 

If you don’t maintain your natural hair well then you will hurt your natural hair growth. 

What makes natural hair grow faster

The main thing that makes natural hair grow faster is the fact that you’re ditching harmful chemicals. 

Plus, as you probably already know, natural hair requires a lot more maintenance than relaxed hair. 

As long as you have a good natural hair care routine you’ll notice quicker hair growth than with relaxed hair. 

How to keep natural hair healthy and growing

To keep your natural hair healthy and growing you must have a good natural hair care routine in addition to protecting your hair at night, using the proper natural hair products for your hair type, and maintaining a good diet, and drinking an adequate amount of water. 

How often to wash natural hair for growth

You should wash your hair every 7 -10 days to experience the maximum amount of natural hair growth. 

During the summer months, I personally wash my hair every 7 days, but during the winter months sometimes I will extend it to every 14 days. 

Natural hair growth essentials

When it comes to natural hair growth essentials there is no one size fits all list since natural hair comes in many different types. 

In this list of natural hair growth essentials, I’m going to share a variety of different options so you can hopefully find a few that work for you. However, keep in mind that it’s also recommended that you rotate natural hair products so you can keep your scalp guessing. 

VOLO Go Cordless Dryer

Natural Hair Growth Cordless Dryer

Is your current blowdryer causing your hair to become overly dry and frizzy? If so, maybe you should give the VOLO Go Cordless Dryer a try. 

It is a salon-quality hair dryer in a compact cordless format. It’s gentle on your hair while also drying each strand quickly and efficiently with radiant heat. PLUS, it’s also three times as energy efficient as traditional hair dryers. 

What more could you want from a hair dryer?

I also recommend bundling it with their Hero Hair Towel, which is made of extra plush Nonoweave material that allows it to gently absorb the water from your hair and decrease your drying time by 50%. 

These two tools alone will help you achieve healthy hair, which is the key to your natural hair growing quicker. 

Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Growth Serum

Natural Hair Growth Serum

This biotin hair growth serum is one of my newest natural hair growth essentials but based on the results prior customers have experienced it’s already one of my favorites. 

This growth serum promotes healthy hair growth by using a proprietary formula that doesn’t include junk filler ingredients to help you strengthen and regrow your hair – especially your edges and hairline.  

Sulfur 8 Hair Care Products

Natural Hair Growth Hair Grease

Sulfur 8 hair care products might not smell the best, but they work – especially if you’re someone who is prone to having a super dry scalp and/or hair. 

Sulfur 8 is a hair care line that I grew up using and I’ve kept them a part of my natural hair care routine into adulthood. 

You’ll always find this brand mentioned in my natural hair care posts and I added them to my natural hair growth essentials list because in addition to helping with a dry scalp Sulfur 8 promotes hair growth

Doo Gro Anti Itch Hair Oil

Natural Hair Growth Oil

Do Gro Anti Itch Hair Oil is another natural hair growth essential that can be used to condition your scalp or during hot oil treatments. 

It contains ingredients such as tea tree oil and shea butter to help repair damaged hair and can even be used on chemically treated hair so it’s perfect for those who are just starting their natural hair journey and didn’t want to do the big chop. 

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Restore Edge Treatment

Natural hair growth edge treatment

Suffering from thinning edges? A great product that specializes in natural hair growth of the edges is SheaMoisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Restore Edge Treatment. 

It helped my edges recover tremendously after my sewin days and I currently have them in rotation while I’m working on restoring my edges back from my postpartum hair loss. 

Unlike, other edge treatments it doesn’t cause your edges to get hard or stiff and despite being oily it doesn’t leave your edges feeling oily all day. 

Silk Scarf

Natural Hair Growth Silk Scarf

One of the main natural hair growth essentials that you want to make sure you have, if you don’t get any of my other recommendations is a silk scarf. 

A silk scarf ensures that you can keep your hair protected while you’re sleeping at night. And if you want to take it one step further for additional protection you can update your pillowcases to silk too. 

My recommended silk scarf brand is Mulberry Park Silks. With their silk scarves, you can wake up with moisturized and frizz-free hair, which can help you cut off a little time from your morning routine. 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re serious about committing to a natural hair journey so you can experience quicker hair growth you have to put in the work. 

Managing natural hair is time-consuming and it’s not easy – especially in the beginning. However, as the months turn into years you will definitely see the benefits and reap the rewards. 

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Natural Hair Growth Essentials