Netflix and Chill Essentials For Couples: Do It The Right Way

Whether you’re married, dating, or shacking up, a “Netflix and Chill” night is a great way to keep the spark in your relationship. 

While couple’s “Netflix and Chill” date nights might be a little different than singles (at least you skip the awkwardness) you still need a few essentials so you can actually chill. 

This list of Netflix and Chill essentials for couples has you covered and I’ve even thrown in some suggestions to make planning your Netflix and Chill date night even easier. 

Netflix and Chill Essentials For Couples

#1 A good show to binge

Netflix has a variety of shows and movies to watch. However, as a couple (especially those with children) if you put on a movie one (or both) of you will probably be sleeping within 15-20 minutes. 

If you want to actually spend some time chilling with your partner your best bet is to put on a binge show. 

Some of my current favorite Netflix recommendations include:

  • Manifest
  • Fate: The Winx Saga
  • Lupin
  • Locke & Key
  • Lucifer
  • In The Dark
  • Shameless
  • Riverdale
  • Sandman
  • Roswell New Mexico
  • Stranger Things

#2 Snacks

By the time it’s time to Netflix and Chill you’ve probably already eaten dinner. 

However, snacks are still considered Netflix and Chill essentials for couples and below you’ll find some great ideas that will keep both of you happy AND they won’t cause any tummy troubles. 

Liquor Whaaat

If you have a sweet tooth Liquor Whaaat is the mouth-watering, sweet treat that your taste buds have been craving for. 

This is the adult candy that leaves adults craving for more!

Understandably their cream-filled beavers may look too adorable to eat, but, after your first bite, you’ll instantly fall in love with their rich, decadent flavors. They use the finest Belgian chocolates and the freshest cream filings to ensure their candies taste as good as they look. 

Damn, Man Nuts

Damn Man Nuts

While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying classics such as pistachios or peanuts during a Netflix and Chill Date, if you want to spice things up Damn, Man Nuts has you covered. 

With whiskey-flavored nut selections, you can pour a glass of nuts and feel like you’re on an exotic vacation somewhere. 

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum

If you want to support family businesses and happen to love nuts, Sugar Plum has some nut options that are created by a Mother and Son duo that you’ll both enjoy. 

Their boozy flavored nuts will turn you into a serious nut head!


Uber Appliance Air Fryer

Maybe you didn’t have time to eat dinner, but just need something to hold you over until breakfast.

In this case, you can throw something into the air fryer. Whether it’s some popcorn shrimp, fries, or calamari, with an air fryer such as the Uber Appliance Air Fryer you won’t be left hungry (or disappointed). 

The Uber Appliance Air Fryer is an affordable air fryer that allows you to create the perfect Netflix and Chill appetizers quickly thanks to its easy-to-use touch panel with 7 pre-sets. 

Cleanup is super easy too! Just use a nonabrasive sponge and warm water to clean after cooking or toss the basket and oil strainer in the dishwasher. 

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#3 Drinks

No Netflix and Chill date night is complete without drinks. 

Take some time to relax and unwind with your partner over a few cocktails or even shots. 

Date night can be made even more fun by trying something new and different from your traditional date night drinks. 

Below are some options that you may want to consider checking out:

Catan Pisco

Catan Pisco puts a new spin on vodka as it’s made from grapes and not potatoes to provide you with a wonderful liquor experience. 

It’s unlike anything that you’ve ever tasted and is often referred to as the love child of vodka and tequila. 


Not someone who enjoys alcohol? No worries, Joyus has you covered!

Your partner can still enjoy their traditional wine while Joyus allows you to have a fun drink without the alcohol. 

You’ll still get to experience popping open a bottle and indulging in a refreshing beverage that tastes as good as your partner’s traditional wine but skips the side effects. 


Maybe you’re more of a seltzer drinker? Livvy has you covered in that department. 

It’s a premium hard seltzer that’s made with a blend of mighty botanicals, real fruit juice, and a premium grape wine base. 

It has clean ingredients, which are great for health-conscious couples. No artificial flavors, preservatives, and additives. 

Mayne & Co

If there was ever a reason to enjoy a mimosa a Netflix and Chill date night would be it. 

Mayne & Co puts a spin on the classic mimosa to bring your taste buds the stimulation that they’ve been craving while using natural ingredients such as organic California orange juice and sustainably grown Italian wine. 

Monita Tequila

Whether you’re looking to do tequila and lime shots or make your favorite cocktail, Monita Tequila provides you with a unique, smooth taste. 

It’s the perfect complement to your Netflix and Chill date night and can be used to celebrate other life moments too!

Rockwell Vermouth

Rockwell Vermouth allows you to discover a fresh American take on a classic European spirit. 

Vermouths are perfect for laid-back date nights and you can make martinis, and margaritas, or enjoy them straight over ice. 

Spa Girl Cocktails

Spa Girl Cocktails are the “better for you” cocktails that allow you to be guilt-free when binge-watching your favorite Netflix show on your Netflix and Chill date night. 

They contain premium vodka while being the highest proof, best tasting, lowest calorie, and lowest sugar canned vodka cocktail available. 

Yes, that’s right these are plant-based canned cocktails that don’t include artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors!

In Good Taste

In Good Taste

If you’re starting a new Netflix series, you just as well pair it with a new wine AND In Good Taste will allow you to do just that. 

All of their wines are handpicked and available in limited batches AND you’re able to try new wines without wasting a whole bottle if you don’t like it. 

Your tastebuds will discover a new region or style of winemaking that you probably wouldn’t have even considered otherwise. 

Plus, their cute, mini, bottles are perfect for upcycling. 

#4 Cute yet comfortable PJs

One of the best things about a Netflix and Chill date night is that you’re in the comfort of your own home so you can be comfortable. 

But, that’s not to say you want to be too comfortable. 

Instead, this is the perfect time to put on some cute yet comfortable PJs. 

My go-to stores for cute and comfortable PJs are Amazon, Rainbow, and Shein. 

Plus, don’t forget, your silk head scarf. You don’t want to go to bed without having your hair protected. 

If you haven’t invested in a silk head scarf yet, I recommend checking out the ones available at Mulberry Park Silks

It prevents bedhead tangles, helps retain your hair’s natural moisture, and minimizes the chances of morning creases. 

You’ll wake up in the morning looking the same way that you went to bed the prior night. 

#5 A sharable blanket

One of the best parts of a Netflix and Chill date is snuggling. 

Therefore, it’s always recommended that you have a great snuggling blanket that will fit both of you comfortably. 

My top two blanket recommendations are:

Zoey Sleep Weighted Blanket 

The Zoey Sleep Weighted Blanket provides the sensation of being cuddled or hugged while also allowing for a more deeper and restful sleep. Additionally, it is a calming blanket that helps lower anxiety and provides you with ultimate relaxation. 

Lovesac Footsac

The Lovesac Footsac is the perfect Netflix and Chill blanket. 

It’s specifically made for two people and it has a foot hole to ensure that neither of your feet gets cold. 

It is a higher-priced item, but trust me, it’s well worth the money. 

I’ve had mine for a few years now and it’s still as comfortable as the first day that it arrived even after multiple washes over the years. 

If you’re having a Netflix and Chill date night during the winter months you don’t want to not have a Footsac. 

#6 Candles

Turn off the lights and light a candle to set up for a romantic Netflix and Chill date night. 

New to candles? Consider one of the following brands. 

Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals Candle

Sea Witch Botanicals candles are the perfect candles to use for your Netflix and Chill night. They’ll help you harness your healthy lifestyle by purifying your space and your spirit. 

Plus, everything is carbon neutral from their compostable and recyclable packaging to their paper shipping tape. 

Vita Mia

Vita Mia is candles that encourage a laidback lifestyle and self-care. 

Their mission is to help encourage people to take a break, sit back, and enjoy some calmness, which makes them the perfect Netflix and Chill candle. 

This candle will enhance your and your partner’s vibe and help you let go of daily pressures. 

#7 Massage oil

We’re all adults here and know what “Netflix and Chill” is code for and one of the best ways to keep the spark in your relationship, in my opinion, is to give each other massages. 

Massages help you release stress while also encouraging physical touch and relaxation. 

My go-to massage oil for years has been Cannabliss Body Oil and if you’re looking for a next-level massage I’d recommend investing in the OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun

Closing Thoughts on Netflix and Chill Essentials For Couples

Make your next Netflix and Chill date night a great, memorable experience for both you and your partner with these Netflix and Chill essentials. 

Whether you’re a newlywed or just in a committed relationship, your night is sure to be one that you both enjoy. 

Netflix and Chill Essentials For Couples: Do It The Right Way