Novosbed Mattress Review – The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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How often are you changing out your pillows and mattresses?

As a rule, if the mattress is no longer comfortable or is several or more years old it’s time for a new one.

In my case, before I received the Novosbed I had just delivered my youngest son in my bed. I will admit the mattress was already becoming uncomfortable, so I was overdue for a new mattress.

Novosbed was the first ship to door mattress that I fell in love with and I have been able to hold unto it for 2 years.

Brief History of Novosbed

Before I jump into my Novosbed Mattress review, I first one to give you some info about the company and the mattress itself so you can understand the basic things about the mattress. If you are already familiar with this company, feel free to skip ahead to the juicy details where I reveal my honest opinion.

Novosbed was founded by Sam Prochazka and was released originally in 2009. (Sadly, I just heard about them at the end of 2016 – but hey, they had time to get all the kinks worked out, right?) AND this was the first totally risk-free mattress buying experience introduced.

The best part is when a mattress is returned, instead of re-selling it or sending it to the dumpster, they donate the mattress to someone in need. (Awesome, right?)

What You Need to Know About Novosbed

Novosbed was founded by Sam Prochazka in 2009. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about them until 2016, however, this gave them plenty of time to get their kinks worked out, right?


About the Novosbed Mattress

Novosbed mattresses are available in Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King. You can choose between soft, medium, and firm. (I will be discussing the medium, queen in my review).  After ordering, the mattress usually ships between 1-2 business days and it comes with a risk-free 120-night trial.

If for any reasons you don’t like the mattress they will send you a free Comfort+ kit and if that doesn’t fix the issue they will come pick it up and provide you with a refund.

Other bloggers have also experienced the Novosbed Mattress. In fact, you can check out another honest review of Novosbed here.


Highlights of the Novosbed Mattress

Aside from Novosbed offering a 120-night risk-free trial, there are other points that I must highlight.


  • It’s made with durable, premium-quality memory foam that is CertiPUR-US certified– This ensures that the mattress will remain comfortable for years down the line.
  • It features improved airflow– This means you can sleep more comfortably since the free air flow allows your body heat to dissipate.
  • It features removable and washable covers– Your mattress is protected by a cover that can be washed so your clean sheets can feel even better, and you don’t have to worry about dirt and odors lingering around. Plus, now you have eliminated the need for buying a mattress cover or topper.
  • You can adjust the firmness to your liking– When you use the Comfort+ you can install it right into your bed without worrying about it feeling bulky or looking unsightly.
  • No springs just memory foam– You don’t have to worry about springs sticking into your body.

Unboxing the Mattress

Novosbed – The Good

First, I love how quickly the mattress ships. It arrives in a large box that you must unroll to get it inflated for sleeping. I also find the mattress to be very appealing to the eyes and I love that the cover is removable and washable because now I can finally get rid of these mattress covers and toppers that are taking up space in my linen closet.

This is my first memory foam mattress and I can tell a difference without the springs. It feels like I am sleeping on a cloud. I did go with the medium firmness option and I feel that it is just the perfect fit for my sleeping needs. When laying on my back I do sink in a tad, but it is not a heavy sink and it feels more relaxing for me that way anyways, especially after sitting in front of a computer all day.

Additionally, I like the thickness of the mattress. I have been able to use it without a box spring on my platform bend.

Just finished unboxing my new @novosbed it took less than ten minutes. Going to put it to the test so watch out for my review on #giveaways4mom soon.

340 Likes, 1 Comments – Victoria | Content Creator (@msvictoriah) on Instagram: “Just finished unboxing my new @novosbed it took less than ten minutes. Going to put it to the test…”

Novosbed – The Bad & The Ugly

My bad part of the Novosbed was unboxing it. I will admit I haven’t been on my fitness routine like I should have been lately, so I am probably just way out of shape.

I found the box to be heavy and getting it out of the box was a struggle (as I am sure you noticed from my unboxing video). Then, getting the mattress out of the wrap was even more of a struggle (maybe I need to sharpen my scissors or something lol). While this process did take less than ten minutes to complete I felt like I had just done a full-fledged workout as I was drenched in sweat by the time I was finished setting up the mattress.

The ugly part comes in when it comes to sitting or lying too close to the edge of the mattress. In my opinion, it is entirely too much sinking going on. Sometimes I like to sit on the very edge of my bed when playing video games and it feels like I could easily just slip right off with this one. Also, if you are a wild sleeper or co-sleep I wouldn’t recommend it because of the sinking issue, I could see someone rolling off the bed.

Who I Would Recommend the Novosbed Mattress To

Novosbed mattresses are obviously not mattresses for everyone as everyone has different needs. I would say this mattress brand is ideal for those who:

  • Are already in love with memory foam beds
  • Are looking for an affordable mattress that has a ton of great benefits
  • Are okay with sinking occurring on the edges of the bed
  • Singles or couples who don’t co-sleep with children
  • College students
  • Are looking to get away from spring mattresses
  • Want to feel like they are sleeping on a cloud

Closing Thoughts

Overall, I am pleased with this mattress. I will admit the first couple of nights it was different sleeping on a memory foam mattress, but this is my first one. For someone who is already accustomed to memory foam, the transition will probably be more seamless for you than it was for me.

Overall, I have told so many friends and family about this mattress already and I even purchases a Novosbed mattress for my middle son to sleep on. The sleeping experience is different and since I have been sleeping on this mattress I haven’t been waking up as much during the night from sweating or being uncomfortable and I also have not experienced any back pain, so a good sign.

Have you ever tried out the Novosbed mattress? If so, what was your experience like?



  1. Cindy Ingalls says:

    I have mixed feeling about memory foam. Sometimes I like it and other times it feels to soft to me. I like that Novosbed offers firmness options, which I didn’t know was a possibility with memory foam.

  2. Gemille Sleweon says:

    I’m graduating from college in a few months and i need to start thinking about getting a “big girl” bed. I want to try out memory foam. thanks for these helpful tips!

  3. Catalina says:

    Mattress is that thing that you use it every day! And it is so important to be a good one. That’s why is so important to be know more about it.

  4. We love our Novosbed mattress. We have been enjoying it ever since we got ours. So soft!

  5. Mattresses have really come a long way. My mattress is so old, I need to find a new one. This sounds great, and I love how many features it has. Makes it easy to buy a mattress too when you don’t have to order a truck delivery.

  6. Shelley King says:

    This brand is new to me! We are thinking about a new mattress and making ours a guest bed. We will be looking in to this for our new bed. Btw delivering your baby in your own bed…. You Go Girl!

    1. admin says:


      It was quite the experience. I planned to deliver in the birthing pool but things didn’t go as planned lol.

  7. One of my favorite parts of the day is reading at bedtime with my little one. But it could be better! Her mattress is awful, so I need to replace it. This sounds like a great option for her.

  8. Bradley C Finnearty says:

    I have always wondered about those “mattresses in a box”. I was curious as to how they could put one in a box and ship to and it still be comfortable. It never dawned on me that they were vacuum sealed. The mattress looks comfortable after being un-boxed. I will have to check into this company when we get a new mattress.

  9. We aren’t due for a new mattress any time soon but it’s nice to read reviews like this to know if it’s really worth getting. It looks really comfy and super soft. I’m a bit concerned about the sinking but it is a good mattress overall.

  10. It’s rare that you find mattress reviews with the negatives, so thank you for including those. I have a similar mattress and find the same issue when sitting on the edge.

  11. It’s wonderful to have the washable covers. It sounds like a great bed. I have a sleep number, but I’ve slept on a 3-inch foam top before. I really like them.

  12. I’m so glad you included all the good and the bad with this mattress. This is the kind of review that can really help make an informed decision. I think it would work for my husband and I.

  13. This seems like a great mattress! I appreciate the honest review, I do like the ease of having it shipped in a box but can see how it is cumbersome to get out. We have a guest room that we are setting up and in need of a mattress, I had not considered not a spring mattress. Thanks for the recommendation.

  14. I’ve been wanting to try memory foam. I think it has more to do with cost. It seems to be the most affordable of the ones that I’ve looked at over the past month or so.

  15. I have to agree with you on the thickness of the mattress. I’ve never found a thin mattress to be of any benefit. I appreciate an honest review. I think it’s important for people to know as much about a product before making a decision to buy it.

  16. adriana says:

    This sounds like an amazing mattress! I’m thinking about getting a new one this year so I’ll be checking this out!

  17. Cindy Ingalls says:

    I’ve slept on a memory foam mattress before and I really wasn’t sure what was so amazing about it. I still tossed and turned and my back still hurt, but maybe it was too soft. I like that this has options for firmness. It sounds like it is worth a try, especially with the money-back guarantee.

  18. I am hearing about Novosbed for the first time & it is good to know more about the history behind it. The Mattress looks great and ability to adjust the firmness will make it so comfortable to use. Thanks for a clean review on both goods and bads!

  19. My husband has so many issues with out mattresses! Haha. Maybe we will have to give this one a try. Thank you so much for this awesome review.

  20. My mattress is probably over 13 years old and I have put memory foam toppers on it and just switch it out to a new one, when that one has over used its welcome. I have been thinking of going to a memory foam mattress, but as the topper heats me up sooooo much, that I need 2 fans to keep me comfortable, I have been hesitant. I love the air flow option with this mattress, it would help with the heating issue. I just find myself sleeping on a cloud with the toppers I use, and it trumps the being hot and needing fans. I think I will give this a look over with my husband and see what he thinks!

  21. My son has a memory foam top on his bed and it’s the most comfortable bed in the house. I’d try a cover, but I would still need a regular mattress underneath.

  22. Or sometimes you can only do this when you can afford to change it out.
    This is a well rounded review.
    I especially love the removable and washable covers. I love things than can be washed.

  23. Krystle Cook says:

    I have never heard of this mattress before. It certainly has a lot of features that I have always wanted.

  24. TColeman says:

    This mattress looks great! I have been needing a new one and this looks perfect.

  25. Rosey says:

    I’m in the market for two this holiday season. One for me, and one to have sent to my mom.

  26. Hey Sharonoox says:

    This brand is very new to me. Haven’t heard it before. I used to have memory foam a few years ago but since my new mattress, we sort of put it aside. Great review!

  27. We just got a new mattress and it came in a box!! So was weird we had to let it air up, but we had ours delivered by the company so they had to haul our old one away and undo the new one. Sounds like a good mattress for sleeping!

    1. admin says:


      That sounds like something Novosbed should offer. I would gladly pay a bit more to have someone set up a new mattress and dispose of the old one properly.

  28. This sounds like a great mattress!!! It amazes me they send beds in boxes now like this!

  29. Ashlea says:

    I have never even heard of this brand of matteess before. I know I prefer pillow top mattresses plus I co-sleep partially.

  30. We need a new mattress. Thanks for the review.

  31. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg thIs mattress sounds dreamy!!!! I need a new one super bad!!!

  32. Amanda says:

    Great review!! We co sleep so unfortunately this would not be ideal for us. Thank you for the information though!

  33. ohmummymia says:

    I wouldn’t mind to try this mattress because I don’t sleep well:/ looks like really proper one

  34. We actually bought this bed about two or three months ago! Best investment ever! We saw it as at Costco for $399, and we needed a new mattress. I’ve been meaning to share our experience with it. Honestly, I hate the sinking action that happens on the edges as well, but if you’re closer to the middle, you feel like you’re laying on clouds. It’s perfect for co-sleeping, too. The boys never feel us move when we go to the bathroom at night.

    1. admin says:


      Thanks for sharing your co-sleeping experience with this mattress. I said it may not be ideal because of the edge sinking, I know my youngest is a wild sleeper and I had a vision of him falling off if I was to allow him to sleep here.

  35. That mattress looks so comfortable! I’ve been thinking about replacing ours for the longest time! Thanks for the review, I’m keeping an eye on this one.

  36. with 2 cats, washable covers sound fantastic! I’ve not heard of the brand before but might have to check it out when I’m next looking for a mattress.

  37. Jenni Petrey says:

    I’ve not heard of this brand before, will have to check it out.

  38. ooh, I love that it has a removable cover! That’s a handy feature!

  39. Sonya Kolodziejska says:

    I’m on the market for a new mattress next year. Are these still relatively soft? That’s important to me.

    1. admin says:


      Yes, you have three comfort levels to choose from. They have one a step down that is supposed to be even softer than the one I have and if it’s not soft enough for you, you can contact them and get a kit to adjust the softness even more.

  40. I like the idea of a washable mattress. Good for my asthmatic husband.

  41. Wildish Jess says:

    I’ve been wanting to try one of these beds! We co-sleep though so it might not work for us.

  42. I haven’t heard of the brand before, but have always been intrigued by the idea of memory foam rather than innerspring mattresses. I have severe spinal arthritis, so comfort in a bed is very important. I know that I’m going to need a new one soon, so I’ll have to investigate this brand further to see if I can get it here. Thanks for the review.

  43. Thank you for this review. I’m in the market for a new mattress, so this really helps. I like how they give you a 120 trial period. Nice.

  44. WE purchased Tempurapedic mattress just recently and very happy with it.

  45. Great to hear ty for the review! The way it is packaged reminded me of our Ikea mattress 😀 I have a feelin you wont go back to a spring mattress lol Foam is awesome!!!

    1. admin says:


      I agree. Spring mattresses are a thing of the past for me now.

  46. Thanks for this. We are in the market for a new mattress and a lot of these tips have helped with our research. Thanks for the honest review!

  47. I have such bad back and shoulder pain I feel like I want to give this mattress a try! Thanks for the review!

  48. Elizabeth O. says:

    It definitely sounds like my kind of mattress! It has all the amazing features that will help you sleep better at night!

  49. Wow how incredible that you delivered your son in your old mattress. Novo mattress looks fantastic I have to say!

    1. Ana,

      I know right, it wasn’t planned. I was aiming for a water birth, but births don’t always go as expected.

  50. That mattress looks so soft and comfy! I bet I would get a good night sleep in it. At the moment, I don’t need a new mattress since it’s only 2 years old.


  51. christina aliperti says:

    I have heard a lot about this mattress and it does sound pretty good. Even with any cons, I would like to try it out.

  52. Great review, I had never heard of this brand before, just not sure about the whole unboxing thing or the edge issue, at least not with my back or hubby’s hip issue. #ProductReviewParty

  53. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Thank you so much for your honest review. We are actually thinking of getting a new mattress and this Novosbed will be considered for our purchase.

  54. I’d have wanted the medium queen too. We are about ready to get a new mattress for my mom. We’re working out the specs soon.

  55. Patricia says:

    Glad to run across your review — I’m in the market for a new mattress! So hard to decide sometimes!

  56. You had me in stitches with the falling off issues while paying a video game…very visual I am. Thanks for this Novosbed Mattress review, I ma sure it will be useful for many 🙂

  57. This is really helpful! I’m in the market for a new mattress and haven’t looked into this brand yet, so I’ll definitely check it out.

  58. I need a new mattress! Sounds like the foam mattress is an acquired taste, but I would love to try it out myself.

  59. Se manifique matress review!! i found it quite refreshing that you delivered both the good and the bad.

    1. Enricoh,

      A mattress is a large investment to make so it is only fair that I left a through review so everyone could know exactly what the pros and cons of making this purchase were.

  60. Agnes Dela Cruz says:

    Oh my! this post speaks to me. We are so due in getting a new mattress to replace our 10 year old one. We are seeing some wearing and tearing after moving to a different houses twice. It would be great to have this one.

  61. This looks like an awesome option! We have a memory foam mattress now! I love the way it ships!

  62. Unboxing a mattress is a pain, but it’s better than bringing one home in a car! I like that you can adjust the firmness.

  63. Georgiana says:

    The sinking on the edge would be the hard part for me to adjust to, especially since I like to sleep at the edge. We just bought a mattress, and I wish I’d read this review first.

  64. Robin Rue says:

    This mattress sounds like it would be great. I also hate unboxing things but it would be so worth it!

  65. This mattress looks so comfy! A good mattress and a good sleep gives a happy start to a day.

  66. Who would not love memory foam beds?! I want one for myself. Great review! Thanks for sharing!

  67. michelle mink says:

    I love memory foam beds so this one sounds like a great choice for me. My mattress is only two years old so I’m not in the market for one right now but yes like pillows and sheets we need to switch out our mattresses.

  68. Karlyn Cruz says:

    This mattress looks reliable, I think I need a new one. I’ll check it out.

  69. Thank you for sharing this we have been in the market for a new mattress and after reading this it has helped me decided what to buy.

  70. I love the idea of a washable cover! That is awesome! I am in the market for a new mattress and I am moving this one to the top of my list!

  71. Ashley says:

    I’ve never tried this brand of mattress before, but it sounds like it’s decent! A good mattress is a must

  72. Those mattress look so comfy! I have to buy a new mattress for me and I’ll check this out.

  73. I have not tried this mattress out before. I wouldn’t mind trying it out. We certainly do NOT co-sleep. Our kids sleep in their rooms where they belong.

  74. That is so cool how it is packaged. I love how it puffs up.

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