Pamper Your Pup At Home With These Essentials

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

You can pamper your pup at home with the right essentials such as dog grooming tools and some new treats. 

You’d actually be surprised at how affordable professional dog grooming tools are and how easy they are to use. 

If you’ve been wanting to pamper your pup, but can’t afford to send them to a pet spa or they are too anxious to go here are some essentials that can fit into your budget and probably provide your pup with a more relaxing experience in the comfort of their home. 

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Hydra Senses Bundles From Cherrybrook

The first step to an at-home pet spa day is to make sure that you give your pup a relaxing bath. 

With one of the Hydra Senses Bundles from Cherrybrook, your pup will fall in love with bath time again. 

Each bundle includes:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Fortifying boost
  • Cologne
  • Serum
  • Mixing bowl and spatula

With a Hydra Sense bundle, your pup will smell great and their coat will look great too!

RuffDawg Gummy Bear Crunch Toy 

What pup doesn’t love getting new toys?

The RuffDawg Gummy Bear Crunch Toy is the perfect option because it’s easy on the teeth and gums while being durable enough to provide your pup with endless hours of fun. 

Plus, if your pup loves taking a few laps in the pool it makes an excellent pool toy. 

Wild Meadow Jerky Treats

Dogs of all sizes and stages of life love Wild Meadow Jerky Treats. 

They’re grain free, only contain three ingredients (the main ingredient is Salmon), and they taste great. 

Whether you want to reward them for taking a stress-free bath or end the doggy spa day with one, you can be sure they’ll love it. 

Treatibles Soft Chewables Extra Strength with Salmon Oil

Treatibles Soft Chewables Extra Strength with Salmon Oil

If you’ve decided to pamper your pup at home because they are a little anxious start your at-home doggy spa day off with Treatibles Soft Chewables Extra Strength with Salmon Oil. 

They contain 7mg of CBD to help dogs of all ages relax and they have that tasty Salmon flavor that most pups love. 

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The Duty Mitt

The Duty Mitt

Maybe you prefer to pamper your pup by taking them on an adventure such as a day at the dog park or camping. 

The Duty Mitt is something that you’ll want to make sure to invest in. 

This single-use, disposable product allows you to cleanse and deodorize your pup in between baths so they can keep their coat clean and healthy no matter where the adventure takes them. 

It’s also a great option for anxious pups and those who simply hate baths. 



Reinvent bathtime for your pup with Aquapaw. 

Aquapaw brings you a professional dog grooming tool in the form of a wearable combination sprayer/scrubber that is turned on and off by making a simple fist.

You can easily stay in control of the entire bathing process with the palm of your hand. 

This device works with all hand sizes and can be worn on your right or left hand. The adapter connects to both showers and garden hoses. 

If you’ve been meaning to invest in some dog grooming tools for your pup, this is one that you want to add to your list. 

Archie & Alfred 

Archie & Alfred

Archie & Alfred is a brand that both you and your dog will love.  

It provides the balance between quality and style that you’ll both love. 

Their everyday dog walking kit includes everything you need for the perfect fashion walk – a stylish walking leash, harness, and collar. 

Final Thoughts

Pamper Your Pup At Home With These Essentials

Don’t feel like you cannot pamper your pup due to finances or them being anxious/having separation anxiety. 

These essentials will allow you to pamper your pup at home and they won’t put a strain on your budget in the process. 

Pamper Your Pup At Home With These Essentials