Plant Inspired Beauty Brands to Try This Year

Are you committed to living a more sustainable lifestyle this year? If so, why not start by using cleaner beauty products. 

These are my recommendations for the best plant-inspired beauty brands to try this year. 

Food Story

If you care about what goes into the products that you put on your skin, Food Story is a plant-inspired beauty brand that you’ll want to give a try.

Their products allow you to experience the visible benefits of superfoods for super skin and hair. They’re constantly advancing their products by exploring the nutritional benefits that are provided by the food that grows from the earth. 

They have plant-based products for all skin types with one of my personal favorites being the Beet Mud Mask


When you think about truffles you probably associate them as being a gourmet delicacy. However, did you know they also have wonderful anti-aging benefits?

They are a powerful ingredient in Truffoire’s luxury anti-aging skin care products. 

I’m adding their salt scrub to my summer skincare routine. 

Oh It’s Natural 

Oh It’s Natural is a cruelty-free, vegan skincare brand that was inspired by the founder creating natural, herbal solutions to treat her acne. Only USDA-certified organic ingredients are used. 

I have my eye on the Miglo Facial Kit, which includes a facial brush. 

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Hope Soap Ohio

Hope Soap Ohio is a sassy, plant-inspired beauty brand. 

Their That Glow Through Face Mask caught my attention. Plus, I love how in tune they are with their local community. Each sale made at this shop helps provide support to the homeless community in Akron, OH. 

If you want to shop with a plant-inspired beauty brand that not only provides natural skincare but also gives back to the community, Hope Soap Ohio is it!

These are the plant-inspired beauty brands to try this year

If you’re tired of using products that contain sketchy ingredients and want to feel confident knowing exactly what you’re absorbing into your skin, these are the plant-inspired beauty brands to try this year. 

I have tried quite a few of the Food Story products and I must say that I’m quite impressed with the results. 

Plant Inspired Beauty Brands to Try This Year

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