PowerXL Air Fryer Pro Review: Is It Any Good?

For the past two months, we’ve been testing out the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro. We’ve used it to make duck, chicken nuggets, and even rotisseried a whole chicken. 

Today, I’m going to discuss the features of this air fryer, what we loved about this kitchen appliance, and whether or not it is a brand that you should purchase for your kitchen. 

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About the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro

The PowerXL Air Fryer Pro is available in 6-quart and 8-quart sizes. For this review, I’ll be referring to the 8-quart unit, which features a dehydrator and rotisserie. 

With the 8-quart air fryer, you could basically make this kitchen appliance your main appliance because it eliminates the need for a microwave, toaster oven, deep fryer, and more!

In the box, you’ll receive everything that you need to get started including:

  • 10 Rotisserie Skewers
  • Drip Tray
  • Rotating Mesh Basket
  • Rotisserie Stand
  • 3 Recipe Books

This kitchen appliance reaches a max temperature of 400 degrees, includes 8 presets to make getting started with your first dish super quick and easy, and even has an automatic shutoff. 

Plus, you have to love the XL viewing screen that allows you to watch your food creations come to life. 

What We Love About This Air Fryer

The PowerXL Air Fryer Pro is actually the first air fryer we’ve had. I cut out fried foods a while back and honestly thought an air fryer would basically just function as a tool to make fried foods a little healthier. 

Talk about being wrong. One of the main things I love about this kitchen appliance is it is so versatile. It does so much more than fry foods!

Plus, other things that I love about this PowerXL are: 


We’ve cooked an entire duck and a rotisserie chicken in the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro. 

We’ve even made chicken nuggets and fries simultaneously for the kids in this bad boy. 

By simply looking at the photo, you may think that it’s no way that’s possible. However, that’s just another thing to love as well – its slick design. 

Trust me, the photos of this air fryer don’t do it justice because it’s very spacious, which makes it easy to feed a family of five without having to do multiple batches of food.

Easy to Use

The air fryer comes in one piece so there’s nothing to assemble. The quick start guide is super helpful and the display has descriptive buttons so you can’t get confused about how to operate it. 

Once you get the food in you just simply wait for it to beep and check to make sure the food is done. 

Easy to Clean

Despite the unit not having a bunch of parts, it is super easy to clean. The drip tray and most of the other accessories are also dishwasher safe. 

Complaints About The PowerXL Air Fryer Pro

If you watch the video below, you’ll see that cooking a duck (probably since it doesn’t have a preset for that) did take a few different go’s for it to reach the correct internal temperature. 

Therefore, the only complaint about the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro would be that when doing nonstandard items you may have to put it back in a few times to make sure it’s good to go. 

Other than that, which isn’t too much of a big deal for us, this air fryer doesn’t have any other flaws. 

PowerXL Air Fryer Pro Unboxing and Duck Cooking Demo 

The Verdict: This AirFryer Is Worth The Investment 

Overall, the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro is definitely a kitchen appliance that is worth the investment. 

It also makes a great housewarming or college gift, since it has so many different functions. 

What are your initial thoughts on the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro?

PowerXL Air Fryer Pro Review: Is It Any Good?


  1. Robin says:

    I have this air fryer, and it’s great but after a while the door does not clothes right causing it not to cook. Has this been fixed?

    1. Victoria H says:

      Hi Robin,

      I’ve had mine for years now and haven’t come across this problem. If yours is still under warranty I’d recommend reaching out to the manufacturer.

  2. I have the Power XL Air Fryer also – and it’s great!. I just hate to say that I don’t use it as much as I should. I really need to try a chicken in it sometime

  3. I just got a new air fryer but haven’t used it yet! This product sounds really good and will be useful in my kitchen.

  4. I’m super intrigued! We don’t have an air fryer, but I would love to try one! My family is half vegetarian. Do you have any suggestions for things I should try?

    1. Hi Melanie,

      I haven’t done any veggie meals in it yet. However, there are a few recipe options included in the recipe books.

  5. Michelle Cantu says:

    An entire duck, WOW! That is a nice air fryer and I bet it tasted amazing. I would love to get one, looks like it would simplify cooking in my home.

  6. Personally I adore that you can watch the food cook. That’s my jam. I hate it when I can’t see the process taking place. So a winner in my book. Plus the size.

  7. I’ve been seeing these air fryers on the internet, and I’ve been wanting to get one. I need to get me one soon so I can make all those amazing recipes using an air fryer.

  8. Ruth I says:

    I know a lot of people who uses this as well. They seemed to be pretty impressed same as you. I am happy to invest in this.

  9. This sounds like a great air fryer and I love the sleek design. We own a smaller once but now I feel an upgrade coming on! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I don’t own an air fryer personally however I have had food made with one. Excellent! You can taste the difference and you get a nice crunchy texture with fried chicken recipes. I’ll am heavily considering one now.

  11. This sounds like a really amazing product. I have to look into getting this for my family. I know this would be perfect for us.

  12. We use our air fryer all the time! It is so handy and much healthier than traditional frying. How awesome that this model is big enough for a whole chicken!

  13. My husband and I have talked about getting an air fryer. If we decide to get one, I’ll keep this model in mind.

  14. Yeah, that is a man sized air fryer, exactly what I need! I love that you can watch your food cooking as well. This is going on my shopping list, thanks!

  15. OHHH I would love to try this! I can’t usually eat fried food because of how greasy it is, but this is a game-changer for me! YUM!

  16. Nice. I keep hearing about air fryers but I haven’t bought one yet. I really should! I bet I’d use it a lot.

  17. I have never had an air fryer but if it could do what a microwave does only better I would be a big fan. I do not cook meat but I know so many who would love a duck cooked this way.

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