8 Tips For Designing a Spectacular Pregnancy Announcement Poster

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So, you’ve found out that you’re pregnant and you want to make the announcement with a pregnancy announcement poster. 

Whether you’re having a party to announce your pregnancy or will be doing the announcement via social media, here are some tips for designing a spectacular pregnancy announcement poster. 

Pick a general party theme (if you’re doing a party)

Before you start designing your poster, you want to make sure to pick out a theme. Theme selection could be based on the gender of your baby or your personal preference. 

Popular party themes include:

  • Pink or blue gender reveal
  • Prince or princess
  • Sports
  • Holiday
  • Bees
  • Nautical

For my last two children, I opted to do Gender Reveals. You can see my simple, cute gender reveal suggestions here

Once you’ve decided on a party theme you’re then able to move on to starting to design your pregnancy announcement poster. 

Look for pregnancy announcement examples

If you’ve picked your theme, but have no clue what type of design you want, take some time to look at example pregnancy announcements to start generating ideas. 

Pinterest is a great resource for getting ideas – I recommend creating a dedicated board so you can narrow down your top picks – and Instagram is another good source of inspiration. 

Pick a pregnancy announcement template

The first step to bringing your pregnancy announcement poster to life is to decide on a pregnancy announcement template.

By using a template you don’t have to worry about learning any design skills because for the most part, everything is all ready for you, with the exception of having to add in personalized text and/or photos. 

PosterMyWall has a great selection of free pregnancy announcement templates that allow you to design the perfect poster to announce your pregnancy within minutes.  All you have to do is pick out your favorite template and edit it! 

Some of my favorite ones include:

  • Safari theme
  • Baby feet theme
  • Dr. Seuss theme
  • Elephant customized video theme

If you do decide to use them for your pregnancy announcement templates you’ll also be pleased to know that they upload new templates regularly. 

Use 2 fonts – 1 for the header and 1 for the body text

Experiment with fonts to see what combinations work naturally with your chosen theme. 

By using 2 fonts you’re able to attract your recipients with the header and keep their attention once they start reading the body. 

Some of my favorite fonts for announcement posters include:

  • Kiln sans regular
  • Lady rene
  • Adorn condensed sans  
  • Atb serif italic

In addition to using 2 fonts, I’d also recommend using at least 2 different colors for the fonts to help them “pop”. 

Avoid cluttering the poster

I highly recommend using a pregnancy announcement template such as the ones provided by PosterMyWall because they will help prevent the announcement from becoming cluttered with unnecessary text and visual effects.

You don’t want to overdo it with too many designs and effects!

Add in a personal touch

You want your pregnancy announcement poster to be memorable. 

To do this you’ll want to add in a personal touch. 

This may be a photo of your ultrasound or a photo from your maternity photoshoot. 

Some couples may even opt to go ahead and reveal their name selections on the announcement. 

Don’t forget to proofread

It’s exciting planning to announce your pregnancy, but don’t move too fast and skip the important step of proofreading your poster.

A typo, such as a missing apostrophe or wrong word spelling, can change the vibe of your entire announcement. 

I recommend drafting out the content first in a Google doc and utilizing Grammarly to make sure any grammatical errors are caught. Plus, if you’d like to take it one step further, you can ask your partner or a friend to give it a look over and provide their feedback. 

Make sure the design is compatible for multiple sizes

You’ll probably want a physical copy of the poster for your party, but you’ll also want it to look good in other sizes so you’re able to share it on different social media platforms. 

I recommend using PosterMyWall because they make it easy for you by allowing you to create social media posts right from their platform. They also have the option to resize posters to social media posts and vice versa, for free.

You can design a spectacular pregnancy announcement poster with these tips

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a spectacular pregnancy announcement poster.

By utilizing a free pregnancy announcement template resource like PosterMyWall, you’re able to have a professional, memorable pregnancy announcement poster created in minutes. 

Overall, when designing your poster just do what fits you and makes you happy. You can go as creative or as simple as you prefer. 

Remember this is your pregnancy so as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters. 

8 Tips For Designing a Spectacular Pregnancy Announcement Poster


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