How to Prepare for a Winter Storm

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Just last week we were hit with the “winter storm” in my state and despite thinking I was prepared for it I wasn’t as it was much more snow than I expected we were going to get. Plus, when preparing I didn’t give myself enough time obviously because Walmart canceled my scheduled grocery pick up order even before the storm started and it seemed like everything that could go wrong did.

Therefore, the next time I’m going to make sure I start preparing as soon as the weather person hints of a winter storm (we usually have snow 2-3 times during the winter and this is just the first one) so the next time I’m snowed in it’s not such a big deal.

This guide is going to help you prepare for that next big snow storm.

Make Sure You Have the Essentials

Your first priority is making sure that your family can survive in relative comfort. That means you should have extra supplies, such as soap and toilet paper. You also need to make sure you have adequate supplies of fresh water and food because the pipes could freeze, and you may not be able to get to the store.

Additionally, make sure that you have some food that isn’t dependent on a stove or microwave such as the options offered by My Patriot Supply because you may lose power. In fact, in some parts of my state people lost power for a week, so I can only imagine what type of nightmare they experienced.

Overall, if you have the essentials, this will help you get through the worst of it.


Have Things to Keep the Kids Entertained

If you want to keep your sanity, make sure you have the stuff to keep the kids entertained.

In my case, they only had gotten two days of school in from winter break when the snow hit. Talk about frustrating for everyone!

They were now trapped in the house and I still had deadlines to meet, so trust me when I tell you the importance of being able to keep them entertained.

Over the past 5 days of additional out of school days, I got them back signed up for ABC Mouse, so they could still do educational things, but it didn’t hinder me from being able to work. We all sat at the table while I worked on my laptop and they indulged in education activities on theirs.

Other activities that I pulled out for them included some educational board games and I let them spend some time playing video games.

NOTE: I highly recommend having educational board games and other non-power related things on hand such as coloring books or paint just in case the power goes out.


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Run All Errands At Least 48 Hours Before the Storm Hits

Make sure you run all your errands at least 48 hours before the winter storm is due to hit because you don’t know how long everything is going to be out of commission.

For example, I planned my Walmart Grocery Pickup order for the day of the storm before the estimated time it was supposed to begin. Well, not so smart on my part because before the storm starts and before my pickup time Walmart cancels my order. Talk about frustrating, especially since the kids were already home from school and I hadn’t placed my order the prior 2 weeks due to winter break and holidays. We were low on water, cabinet foods, and some essentials such as paper towels and toilet tissue.

Because of me not being 48 hours ahead of the storm, I ended up having to spend triple the money I would have spent by having to purchase a few items to last for a couple of days from the gas station.

Learn from my mistake and make sure that you’re at least prepared 48 hours ahead of the storm.

Make Sure Child Care and/or Your Luxuries Are in Order

Unfortunately, I know that everyone doesn’t have the luxury of being able to work from home. This means when your kid’s schools are shut down that you’re still going to have to go to work. However, I know here a lot of the public daycares shutdown along with the schools, which I can only imagine how frustrating this had to be for parents who work traditional jobs.

For this, I recommend having a private sitter on hand. This could either be someone who comes over to your house, so the kids don’t have to go out in the weather, or someone who lives close where you can drop them off on your way to work.

Another luxury item you want to make sure that you have on hand during the storm is either some wine or vodka (no judgment here). When it snows, the school could be closed for a week or more, and especially if you have more than one child by the end of the day after the first couple of days you’re going to want to relax from it all.

I can’t tell you how glad I was on Wednesday night to get the call that school was going to be in session on Thursday. My boys are a handful, energetic, and nonstop talkers. Between them pestering each other, constantly wanting something to drink or a snack, and hearing “Mom”, “Mom”, “Mom” from daylight to nightfall, a glass of wine (or two) was needed on some days.

Final Thoughts on Preparing for a Winter Storm

As with any type of out of the ordinary weather, winter storms must be prepared for in advance. There are so many unknowns regarding how much snow you’re going to get, how long school will be out for, and whether you’re going to lose power.  As childless adults we may get away with minimum preparations, however, as parents, it’s important to make sure we’re prepared.

How do you prepare for winter storms? Share your routine in the comments section below.



  1. We don’t have to worry about this in Miami, but we go through similar measures when it’s hurricane season. All of these are great to know and have for any storm.

    1. admin says:


      That is what I miss about living in FL no snow. However, the hurricanes suck, but we also get them here though not as bad.

      1. Yes, all of this sounds similar to how we prepare for hurricanes here in South Florida. With Irma, we were without power for 3 and 1/2 days so making sure you have something for the kids to do and some wine (we had a few bottles) is paramount.

        1. Michelle,

          Hurricanes are the worst. We almost always lose power with them. Thankfully, we only go a few hours without it in my area. I’m not sure why, maybe because of all of the businesses and the hospital close by, but I couldn’t imagine going days, especially in FL when it is already so hot.

  2. We are snowed in now in Tennessee.. I went to the grocery store yesterday and it was like a war zone in publix.. great tips

  3. Midwest winters can be pretty brutal. These tips definitely hit the nail on the head.

  4. Winter is not my favorite season on so many levels! Living in Delaware has shown me how certain states aren’t as winter-friendly as what I’m used too (New Yorker).

  5. Great advice. I live in a region where winter storms are the norm and the biggest thing for me is having enough food and drink to ride it out without having to make unnecessary trips out into the madness.

  6. Girl, getting errands done is no joke when a storm is approaching. I do whatever I can to get them done as soon as I hear about snow. I’m not trying to be stuck in the mad house of people scrambling.

    1. Terri,

      I know right. I’m stocked up with everything now. They started talking about snow over the weekend for Wednesday. Thank god I was smart and quick this time because when I looked out the door this morning flurries were coming down – so much for Wednesday.

  7. Jay Colby says:

    I’m from the south region of the country where we rarely even get snow, but this is a great advice for anyone experiencing a snow storm.

  8. I grew up in Chicago and it snowed every year. I’m not sure if my mom did any of this. I think she was just used to it. Now, when I moved to Georgia – people weren’t used to snow and these tips should have been everywhere because GEESUS, they weren’t ready. Great tips!

  9. Natasha says:

    Since I live in Chicago, we’re always preparing, even when a storm isn’t predicted because it’s just life around these parts. It is definitely important to plan ahead, and just be ready for anything. I’m low-key upset that I don’t have a fireplace because I’d use that to cook if I had to!

  10. Being prepared is important. I like to have food to make meals, snacks, beverages and books on-hand during storms. It snowed here today!

  11. Great tips. I went to the grocery store a few days before the storm hit, but had to go back for more essentials. lol I was smart enough to call my boss the day before to work from home because it was really bad in NYC.

  12. Excellent advice for anyone living in areas where snow storms are a possibility. However, maybe you should add, move someplace warm! lol

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