Ways to Prepare Your Skin For Winter

We’re all enjoying the warmth of summer now and using our summer skincare products. However, summer is the perfect time to start preparing your skin for the harsh winter weather. 

Therefore, today I’m discussing some of my best tips for preparing your skin for winter right now. 

Ways to Prepare Your Skin For Winter

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Take shorter showers

As great as a long, hot shower feels first thing in the morning or after a long, exhausting day, all you’re doing is drying out your skin. 

Understandably lukewarm showers and baths aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (myself included) so a great alternative on days when you need to amp up the steam is to take shorter showers. 

Just don’t forget to put on lotion afterward.

Check your skincare and beauty products expiration dates

Did you know that skincare and beauty products expire?

Well, they do. Therefore, each season it’s a good idea to go through all of your skincare and beauty products to check their expiration dates. 

For example, your concealer may be good for a few years while your mascara may expire after a few months. 

Using expired skincare products may result in rashes, or other skin issues, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Keep your skin protected

Understandably, your summer and winter skincare routine is going to differ in some aspects. 

However, the one thing that you want to keep doing year-round is keeping your skin protected. 

During the summer you’re using sunscreen daily, but, you want to make sure you’re staying protected from the sun during the winter too – even though it’s not as hot out. 

If you don’t want to keep in the added step of putting on sunscreen all winter, you could make the switch to using a moisturizer with spf

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Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is the key to having healthy skin all year. 

If you’re someone like me who hates drinking water, you can consider flavored water or fruit-infused water to make consuming it a little more bearable. 

Always wash your face before bed

Sometimes we all have long days where we get home and just want to jump straight into bed due to exhaustion. 

However, it’s super important that you sleep with a clean face each night – especially if you’re someone who wears makeup. 

Washing your face before bed prevents breakouts, wrinkles, and eye irritation in the morning AND keeps your pillows/bedding cleaner. 

Even if your nighttime routine only consists of brushing your teeth and washing your face, your skin will thank you later. 

Closing thoughts

The weather is nice now and it can be easy to feel as though you’ve accomplished enough by putting on sunscreen each day before leaving the house. 

However, winter will be here before you know it and you not only have to think about protecting your skin from the sun, but you have to protect it from the cold and dry weather too. 

By doing the things discussed above, you’ll be ready to switch gears into a winter skincare routine in no time at all.

Ways to Prepare Your Skin For Winter


  1. Chrissy says:

    I am the queen of short showers. Get in soap, wash/condition hair if needed, wash my face, and get out. I only stay in the shower longer if I’m in pain or my anxiety is driving me crazy.

  2. Tara Pittman says:

    The shorter shower thing is something I need to work on. My skin tends to be dry.

  3. Terri Steffes says:

    I have to drink more water. I see the impact everywhere. Sometimes my stomach turns at the thought of drinking water, though. Gotta figure that out.

  4. Beau says:

    I can do all of these accept for the take shorter showers and baths. Soaking for long periods in an very hot bath, is about the only thing that helps with my pain. To be honest, hydration won’t be easy either. Good suggestion to check out the expiration dates on my beauty/skin care products. I often forget to to that!

  5. Kathy says:

    Great ideas on how to keep your skin ready for winter. It’s hard to believe that winter will be just around the corner before you know it. My skin always seems to get so dry in winter too.

  6. Janie says:

    Hydration is the key for all seasons. I’m barely trying to get through the summer and the hot sun!

  7. Amber Myers says:

    I need to remember these when winter comes. I know my skin gets so dang dry.

  8. Tammy says:

    Staying hydrated I think is one of the most important things for your skin. Great post.

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