How to Get the Best Deals on Your Prescriptions

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Prescriptions are expensive these days – even if you have insurance. 

If you don’t have insurance you could be looking at spending more than $100 on much-needed antibiotics. 

The high cost of prescriptions puts many in a situation where they have to choose between having essentials for their family or putting their health at risk, which isn’t ideal. 

Therefore, today, I wanted to share some options that will allow you to get the best deals on your prescriptions without having to make the hard decision of sacrificing in one aspect of your life to make sure your health is taken care of. 

Prescriptions Discounts

Go For Generic Options

Whenever possible go for generic prescriptions. 

Most medications have a generic option that is a lot cheaper than the brand name. 

Furthermore, the majority of the time the generic option works just as well as the brand name. 

The next time your doctor is trying to prescribe a brand name medication simply ask them if there are any generic options that would provide the same results. 

Shop Around For The Best Pharmacy

The price of prescriptions varies based on the pharmacy that you go to. For example, Riteaid and Walmart are known for filling prescriptions cheaper than if you go to Walgreens or CVS for most medications.

I found this out when I was refilling my inhaler prescription. Walgreens is typically my go-to pharmacy because it’s close and whenever I think of prescriptions refills Walgreens is the first place that comes to mind. However, I was in Walmart one day and decided to get my prescription filled while I did a little shopping and it was about $20 cheaper than Walgreens. 

Another instance more recently was when I needed antibiotics filled. The nurse at Virtuwell suggested an app to find the best deal and it turned out that RiteAid had the cheapest prescription. Plus, since Riteaid is only a block away from Walgreens, there was no inconvenience on my part.  

So, I said all of that just to show you that shopping around can result in you getting the best deals on your prescriptions. You may spend a few moments researching (or using a comparison app), but the amount of money you’ll save on your medications will be worth it. 

Use a Prescription Discount App 

If you have a smartphone, there’s literally no reason why you should be paying full price for your prescriptions. 

There are so many free prescription discount apps – many which don’t even require you to sign up for an account to use. 

If you aren’t using a prescription discount app I would recommend that you check out the following:

ValpakRx is one of the newer prescription discount apps that I’ve come across. 

What I like about them is in addition to providing a free app they also provide a pharmacy discount card. 

Furthermore, currently, more than 35,000 stores partner with them, the average person saves $61 per prescription, AND they never collect any of your personal information. 

When using ValpakRX you can be confident knowing that 80% of the time they’ll be able to save you money, they can help you out when your insurance doesn’t cover a prescription or you have a high deductible, AND the helpful price lookup feature saves you time by comparing the prices of the prescription at your local pharmacies. 

Save on prescription costs with ValpakRx!

Use a Pharmacy Discount Card

Don’t trash those free pharmacy discount cards that come in the mail. 

Even if you don’t have prescriptions that you have to refill frequently or you never get sick, you never know when you’ll need to have a prescription filled. 

Those pharmacy discount cards that come in the mail typically don’t require you to sign up to use them. All you have to do is put it in your wallet and when you find yourself filling a prescription pull it out and watch the savings come in. 

For commonly prescribed medications a pharmacy discount card could help you save as much as 85% off of your prescription AND you can use these cards even if you have health insurance. 

See Also: Why SingleCare is My Go to Pharmacy Discount Card 

Ask Your Healthcare Provider to Prescribe The Most Affordable Option 

Medications usually come in a variety of forms. For example, you have pills, creams, liquids, etc. 

Unless there’s a specific reason why you need to take medication a specific way, ask your healthcare provider to prescribe the most affordable option. 

While they probably won’t be able to tell you the exact pricing of the medication, they will have an idea of which form will be the cheapest. 

Conclusion: You Don’t Have to Pay Full Price For Prescriptions 

Don’t avoid going to the doctor or refilling your medications because you’re afraid of what the price tag will be. Instead, use generic options when possible, shop around for the pharmacy that has the best price, use prescription discount apps and pharmacy discount cards, and most importantly, voice your financial concerns to your healthcare provider. 

What do you do to make sure you’re getting the best deals on your prescriptions? 

How to Get the Best Deals on Your Prescriptions


  1. It never would have occurred to me to ask the doctor to prescribe the most affordable version. Great advice. I’m in Canada, and I’m sure that advice is valid here too.

  2. Aliya says:

    I am lucky to have some amazing insurance. But, these apps are very helpful to people who doesn’t. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kita Bryant says:

    Prescriptions can seriously drain your wallet. Saving as much as you can on them is such a great way to avoid that.

  4. It’s crazy that prescription are as expensive as they are! I have several friends that would in pharmaceuticals and they always tell me chemically most drugs are the same it’s the packaging and advertising that set them apartment from one another.

  5. Great tips! Hubby always gets great deals on his medicines which is awesome. Never thought of checking apps, though. Will still look into that.

  6. Ruth I says:

    It’s great that there are available apps like that now! We usually go for generic medicines. Cheaper and effective.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this. Medicine is so expensive and it’s getting outrageous. I will definitely be checking some of these options out.

  8. I am definitely loving this blog! This will be a lot of help for any of us. Knowing that we could get the best deals on our prescriptions is a big thing.

  9. I’m always looking for easy ways to save money on prescription drugs. This sounds like a great solution to me!

  10. I am fortunate that all my meds only add up to $40 a month. I take 6 different drugs and I have been fortunate to have good insurance to help me with the lowest prices.

    1. Hi Terri,

      A lot of pharmacy discount cards work in conjunction with insurance. You could possibly lower the $40 down a bit more.

  11. I have used GoodRx before. When I was pregnant my prenatal pills went from $10 copay to $50 and that app saved me.

  12. These are such great tips for saving money on medications. I’m sharing this with my parents and a few friends who have been expressing exasperation with the rising cost of prescriptions.

  13. As a natural mama we try to avoid the pharmacy, but good tips for anytime its required!

  14. I will keep this in mind. I hate when prescriptions get too high. I am all about saving when I can. This sounds great.

  15. Tasheena says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. You provided some really great tips. I had no idea of all the ways I could potentially save.

  16. We’ve used GoodRX in the past and have saved quite a bit comparing prescription costs around us. I’ll have to check out the other options too. My nephew is diabetic and his meds are astronomical. I think these tips will really help his parents save money as well!

  17. Liz Mays says:

    Oh very nice! I’d love to be able to cut down on the prescription costs this year. The discount apps sound helpful.

  18. I recently had to use Prescrip RX, and I was blown away by the discount. I was also disappointed my pharmacist didn’t offer one to me, when I told them I would have to rethink the original expense. It wasn’t until I called my dr begging for an alternative script that and they told me there were discount programs I could take advantage of.

    1. Michelle,

      The pharmacist definitely should have alerted you. I’m sure they are aware.

  19. It always amazes me how different things are around the world when it comes to prescriptions. My other half is type 1 diabetic so all his are free, I’m on a plethora of meds but don’t qualify for them free so I pre-pay just over £10 a month and it’s all covered. It does make me very glad of the NHS.

  20. My husband is an MD. He always appreciates when patients know which prescriptions are most affordable on their prescription plan, especially for those on long term medications. He certainly can’t keep up with them all, but he tries to know the major ones. Great tips here.

  21. I used to send folks to a site that was a clearinghouse for prescription discounts, that even reduced co-pays! And then I found these sites that you mention. My CVS even looks them up for me to try to get the best deal. Thanks for spreading the word, there are ways to save on drugs!

  22. I am lucky I have insurance but these apps seem like a great idea for so many people. Prescriptions are so expensive so these apps could be a lifesaver literally.

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