Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for Autumn

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Can you believe that it is almost autumn already? It seems like summer just flew by. I mean, it’s not like I’m complaining because I am so ready to break out hoodies, boots, and legwarmers.

Another good thing about fall outside of the clothes I like to wear is doing a little updating inside of my home. I like to switch things up each season to set a new vibe and today I am sharing with you some of the easy ways that I like to refresh my home for the autumn season.

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Refresh Your Bedroom

Since you probably spend a lot of time in your bedroom for sleep and whatnot, let’s get started with refreshing your bedroom.

For me, I like to do a deep cleaning of my room, which includes cleaning everything obviously, but also going through my wardrobe and donating the items that I didn’t wear/use during the spring and summer season.

Additionally, I like to update my bed with new sheets, blankets, and pillows in addition to stocking up on some autumn candles (yes, I mean Apple Spice and Pumpkin Pie).

My Sheet Recommendation

A month or so ago I learned about a Richmond, Virginia based startup by the name of caché district. They have a mission to bring customers an exclusive collection of pure, organic luxurious cotton linens that are reasonably priced to fit the needs of today’s family. They are family owned, community focused and came up with this idea because of the lack of home décor options available to allow consumers to live a reduced chemical lifestyle that fits both their style and budget.

Got your attention yet?

I have been trying them out for the past couple of weeks and they are amazing. The queen size sheets fit my mattress perfectly (no fighting with the fitted sheet) and they don’t shrink when you do laundry. I can tell that they put some hard work into creating these sheets.

The best part is that they have created an Indiegogo campaign to create awareness of their new company as well as to give people the opportunity to experience the luxurious comfort of the caché district linens at a specially discounted price.

Close up on cache’ district sheets on bed.

My Pillow Recommendation

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen me raving about the ZEEQ Smart Pillow. This pillow not only is comfortable to sleep on, but it also analyzes your sleep, helps stop snoring, and allows you to listen to music while you go to sleep.

#ad Who would have thought we would be introduced to #pillows that require a user manual? I know I didn’t. But, I must say I am already in love! The #ZEEQ smart pillow wows you from the moment you open the box! Not to mention all of the cool features that it has such as music, sleep tracking, and even a snore alarm. Think this is cool? Check it out here – https://shop.rem-fit.com/remfit-range/zeeq-pillow.asp. This is one of the products that I will be discussing in my #HolidayGiftGuide so make sure you have your gift recipient list ready as I have other amazing products that will be sure to have your recipient’s eyes light up this holiday season.

411 Likes, 3 Comments – Victoria | Content Creator (@msvictoriah) on Instagram: “#ad Who would have thought we would be introduced to #pillows that require a user manual? I know I…”

Don’t worry about disturbing your partner again!

The sound of the music can be adjusted so that only you hear it while your head is laying on the pillow and it even includes an alarm so you can wake up to vibrations instead of pissing off everyone in the house with a blaring alarm clock going off.

All you must do is charge the pillow and it stays charged for close to two weeks, download the app which takes less than five minutes to get set up and alert the app each night before it’s time for you to go to sleep.

Make sure you purchase more than one though because your partner is going to want one of these pillows for themselves too.

Refresh Your Living Room

Since your living room is one of the places that guests are going to see immediately upon entering, sprucing it up a bit won’t hurt. Aside from doing a deep cleaning, consider changing out your curtains, switching out any wall décor you have, and adding in some fall-related pillows and a throw blanket to your sofa.

My Living Room Décor Recommendation

Living Room Decor

When it comes to living room décor Hallmark Home has you covered. Last year, I got my living room décor from them and they have added even more items this year for autumn all of which is priced affordably and looks great.

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Refresh Your Kitchen

If you do a lot of entertaining, especially for sporting events, you want to have the autumn vibe flowing through your kitchen. This can be as simple as updating your placemats, drying towels, and putting down a new fall mat in the kitchen.

My Kitchen Décor Recommendation

When it comes to updating your kitchen décor for Autumn At Home is the place to shop. They are the home & holiday décor superstore for a reason – they have everything that you could possibly need and even things you hadn’t even thought of yet!

As with the other recommendations on this list, their products are also very affordable and you have the option of heading to your local store or ordering online and having your items delivered directly to your doorstep.

Final Thoughts on Refreshing Your Home for Autumn

Sprucing your home up for Autumn doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars nor does it have to cause you to make a ton of large changes. Instead, you can do a couple of small things that will make it appear as though you have done a lot.

How do you refresh your home for autumn?


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  56. I haven’t changed anything for fall yet. I think I’ll just change out my pillows on the couch.


  57. Those sheets sound amazing – we have a constant battle with them in our home, and shrinkage is such a big issue. I should give these a try!

  58. I’m in desperate need of a new pillow that will support my head and back. The ones in the store always falls flat. Now I need some Fall decorating to set the mood in my house for Fall.

  59. Shelley R Zurek says:

    I love your pillow suggestions. Isn’t it amazing how much better you sleep under good sheets?

    1. Shelley,

      Yes, good sheets are one of the keys to getting great sleep.

  60. I love changing themes as well whenever the season changes. I just want to add a new vibe as well. I like to have printed and colorful sheets.

  61. I absolutely love the things you picked for your Autumn refresh! If you ask me , there is nothing better than resting in a cozy bed with new and warm sheets!

  62. I am making a decoration for my door and looking for some new pillows for my sofa

  63. I love switching out my pillows and other decor around the house. Yesterday, I put my blush pink pillow covers away and replaced them with rust and gold pillows. Bring on fall! 🙂

  64. I love having new sheets and pillows! It feels so good and such an easy way to refresh the room for fall!

  65. Pam Wattenbarger says:

    That Smart Pillow sounds really cool. I also really like the look of that kitchen mat from At Home.

  66. I like to add colors of the harvest to my home. I also enjoy the pumpkin flavors of the fall.

  67. Such easy tips to spruce up your home and get it ready for fall. We often forget how adding new pillows, sheets, or towels can really change the look.

  68. It would definitely be nice to make a few small decoration changes around the house. These are helpful recommendations. I’m loving the cute kitchen stuff!

  69. These are all great refresh ideas! I really like that the cache district is trying to make great quality affordable.

  70. Cheryl says:

    I can’t stop looking at the pillow. How does that work? I feel like I may possibly be annoyed, but I would also love to try it.

    1. Cheryl,

      It connects to a phone app to track your sleep. The only annoyance for me so far is the snore alarm. For example, if I tell the pillow to start tracking my sleep and start having a conversation it picks it up as snoring I guess and it will buzz me 3 times. Other than that, it’s comfy and since it tracks your sleep movements and asks a few questions about your day it can actually help you get a better quality of sleep.

  71. This looks like such a cool pillow!

    I love decorating for fall. I have a special tablecloth that I bring out, plus other decor. At Home has the best stuff!

  72. It is getting cold in my area, Fall is definitely setting in. I need to buy me some new bed sheets, thanks for the recommendation.

  73. Yes I am so with you on this, there is nothing like clean and fresh bedding, I popped a new set on the other day and it is lovely.

  74. Love all of these easy ways to spruce up the house for fall. I am loving that pillow! I need to look into getting that. I am picky when it comes to pillows, and I just happen to be in the market for a new one.

    1. Joanna,

      Yes, it is really awesome. I especially love how it doesn’t need to be charged every day.

  75. We change out the kitchen linens and curtains for starters. I also like to switch up the bathroom decorations and shower curtains.

  76. I need new sheets! Mine are old and dingy and they do not fit in the bed as well as they used to. I’m kind of excited about fall so that I can do changes to the house. You have some great suggestions here.

  77. I love this time of year. From the amazing colors to the scents like pumpkin and apple spice. Changing out colors of bedding and sheets, plus spicing up the living room sounds fun! I can’t wait to do it!

  78. Love changing out the sheets and bedding for darker warmer colors. Changing out the pillows on the couch is a must

  79. I’m so picky about my sheets! I must have the best and I can’t stand sheets that are scratchy. These look like the perfect sheets for me. I hate fighting with fitted sheets so that’s a plus also!

    1. Alli,

      Yes, these ones are definitely not scratchy. I can’t stand sheets like that either.

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