Tips For Regaining Control of Your Health and Wellness

As I get older my health and wellness become more of a priority. Being that I turned 30 this year I want to make sure that I keep it a priority so I can remain energetic, productive, and feel overall great. 

It’s especially important for me now, since I’m adding another kid to the mix. 

If you feel like your health and wellness have taken a backseat to other things in life these tips will help you get back on track. 

Tips for regaining control of your health and wellness

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Put your health into your to-do list

If you’re having trouble fitting in the health-related things you want to do each day add them to your to-do list. 

When I first started my fitness/health journey a few years back I used to utilize Habitica. Now, I’ve switched over to using Trello boards to keep myself organized. But, whenever, I find myself slacking off with anything I need to be doing I’ll add it right to my daily Trello board. 

Make exercising fun

If exercising isn’t fun you’re going to give up fast. 

When I first started working out, I dreaded it because I went about it the wrong way. 

I purchased a ton of home equipment but had no idea what to do with it for one, and secondly, it felt more like a chore than exercise. 

When rebooting my fitness routine, I tried I Love Kickboxing, and ended up doing it multiple times per week, for a little over a year. 

Currently, I use iFit and OpenFit, and like I Love Kickboxing, working out is fun and the time just flies by. 

Plus, since becoming pregnant, I’ve also started doing Kinnect Sports again, on days where I don’t feel like I can make a run or my arms aren’t really up for doing weights. 

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Add some supplements to your life

Supplements are a great way to get vital nutrients and vitamins when you don’t have time to eat multiple times per day or you need a pick-me-up after exercising. 

One supplement I’d recommend is Multiforce. It’s great for those who exercise regularly, it’s 100% natural and gluten-free. However, I will warn you that the taste does take some getting used to. 

Give CBD a try

Many people that utilize CBD find that it has a ton of benefits – myself included. 

I’d suggest starting with a CBD bundle so you can see what form of CBD you prefer and what works best for you. 

While I don’t suffer from high blood pressure or any major health issues, I have heard of people using CBD to get major health issues under control. However, this is definitely something you’d want to talk to your doctor about first before pursuing. 

Personally, I’ve had good results using CBD for sleep, anxiety, and pain relief. 

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Have an accountability partner

You can be highly motivated for months and then go through a rough patch. Over the years, I’ve been there more than once. 

However, having an accountability partner is a great way to keep yourself motivated while also helping someone else stay motivated to reach their health and wellness goals also. 

The best part is, it doesn’t even have to be someone you know. Virtual accountability partners work great. 

Focus on what works for you

No guide can tell you anything about what’s likely to work for you and what isn’t. Everybody is different. To regain control of your health and wellness you must focus on what works for you.

For example, I’ve mentioned that some things that have helped me include CBD, kickboxing, and OpenFit. However, just because it works well for me doesn’t mean that it’s going to work well for you. 

Now, by all means, I do recommend that you give it a try, but just know not everything that I’ve had success with will end up in your success story. 

Copying what someone else has done to be successful is never going to work. When you don’t get the same results as them it’s only going to discourage you.

Use the principles of success, not the exact specifications.

Create an environment for success

Create an environment for your success by eliminating temptations and other bad influences.

If eating junk food is one of your weaknesses, start shopping online for groceries, instead of being tempted to purchase junk in person. Mine used to be fried food and ordering out, however, I tightened up my grocery budget, which helped me saved money and was able to lose weight quicker. 

If you struggle to get all the nutrients you need, use supplements like Multiforce. They’re easy to take and there’s no preparation time, like with cooking an entire meal.

Find out what your major points of weakness are and think about how you can stay out of those situations.

You can regain control of your health and wellness 

Regaining control of your health and wellness doesn’t require you to do a complete lifestyle change overnight. Instead, make little changes over time and you’ll find the benefits will just start sneaking up on you. 

Tips For Regaining Control of Your Health and Wellness

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