How to Land a Remote Job at a Digital Marketing Agency

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Does working remotely for a digital marketing agency sound appealing to you, but you just haven’t been sure how to even begin trying to secure a role?

It’s not as hard as you may be thinking. Here’s some tips for landing a remote job at a digital marketing agency. 

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Types of remote jobs available at digital marketing agencies

Do you want to work at a digital marketing agency? Then you need to know about some of the different options available to you that can be done remotely. Here’s a brief rundown of the different remote jobs available:

Digital Marketing – The core job of any marketing company is to market. Your role will involve making things happen and generating results for your employer. This is the core of what a digital marketing agency is.

Writing – All marketing campaigns need good copy. If you want to write campaign slogans and newsletters, this is the role for you.

Social Media Management – The majority of marketing takes place on social media these days. If you know how to get attention on social media, you’ll be in high demand.

Virtual Assistant – A virtual assistant is there to support the main marketing team in anything they need. For example, you may need to perform some research for the creative team or schedule out business meetings with clients.

Project Management – This is how a marketing campaign comes together. As the project manager, you’ll be assigning tasks, checking in with each part of the team, and providing reports to upper management.

Now, let’s jump into how you can land one of these positions. 

Customize your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn to the type of job you want

When you’re out of work it’s a lot easier to just send across the same resume and cover letter over and over. Employers know when someone is doing this and they’re likely to respond by trashing your application.

Customize your application, cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile according to the type of job you want. Think about what’s relevant to digital marketing. Add only what’s relatable to digital marketing because that’s all any employer cares about.

This will help you especially on platforms such as LinkedIn because you’re more likely to appear in digital marketing searches. It increases your chances of being headhunted.

Search job sites where digital marketing companies go to hire

To find a job in digital marketing you have to be where these companies are searching. Sites like Indeed and FlexJobs are just two of the major platforms where digital marketing agencies search for new hires.

You should also try relevant social media groups, such as those on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Become part of the digital marketing community and make yourself as visible as possible.

Cold pitch digital marketing companies

Sometimes the best way to get a job is to take a more proactive role. Don’t be afraid of cold pitching digital marketing companies. Keep in mind, most of your pitches will be ignored, but all you need is one hit and you’re ready to go.

This is especially relevant in digital marketing because it’s your chance to demonstrate your online marketing skillset.

For example, if you submit a pitch with a customized proposal to a company like Exults Digital Marketing, this is going to make you stand out from other potential hires.

The beauty of this industry is that there’s always space for a talented marketer. You never know just what impression your pitch might make.

Reach out to your work connections to see if they have any leads for you

The world is still more about who you know than what you know. Check out your work connections and see if they have any leads for you.

They may have connections with existing agencies and perhaps they can recommend you. It doesn’t take any effort to reach out. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Searching for a new job is always a great excuse to reconnect with those work friends you’ve drifted away from.

Final Thoughts – You can land a remote job with a digital marketing agency

Digital marketing will always be in need of talented people. Even if an agency has no intention of hiring anyone right now, if you show your talent there will always be a space for you.

However, don’t make the mistake of sending in a standardized resume and cover letter. Marketing agencies are looking for creative people who stand out from the crowd. Customize everything and don’t be afraid to apply to somewhere because you never know what response you might get.

You’ll need to be persistent and be willing to endure a lot of rejection along the way, but if you follow the above tips you’ll get the digital marketing agency job you’ve been looking for.

How to Land a Remote Job at a Digital Marketing Agency


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