Salty Crush Review: Great Bohemian Style Dresses

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If you’re looking for a women’s clothing retailer that has great quality bohemian style dresses, Salty Crush may be just the company that you’ve been searching for. 

From their quick shipping to quality materials, at first glance, they appear like one of the best companies to purchase your dresses from this summer. 

I recently had the pleasure of trying out two of their dresses and today I wanted to do a Salty Crush review to share my personal opinion of them. 

Salty Crush Review

Who Is Salty Crush?

Salty Crush is a bohemian women’s fashion brand that has clothing pieces that help women feel beautiful and confident. 

In addition to selling dresses, they also have jumpsuits, jackets, bottoms, and more. However, for the purpose of this review, I’ll only be targeting their dresses since those are the clothing items that I have personal experience with. 

They are an Australian-based company, but they provide worldwide shipping AND free shipping on orders that are $100 or more. 

The best part is they have clothing available to suit all body types, styles, and ages. 

Carmen Lucy Vintage Maxi Dress

The Carmen Lucy Vintage Maxi Dress is a cap-sleeved bohemian style flowy dress that features a V neckline and a button upfront. 

The waistline is stretchy, which makes it a ‘bump friendly’ dress and it has pockets. 

It’s the perfect dress for an assortment of occasions. 

Carmen Lucy Vintage Maxi Dress

Note: I am 5’11 so the dress is a little above my ankles. However, for those of shorter heights, you can expect it to come longer. 

Lizzie Shanara Mini Dress

The Lizzie Shanara Mini Dress is a fun, flirty, bohemian-style dress that’s perfect for date nights or beach days. 

Like the Camen Lucy dress, it is short-sleeved, button front, and has a V neckline. Thanks to the pockets and stretchy waistline I’m also marking it as a ‘bump friendly’ dress. 

Length-wise, it was just above the knees for me (with my bump) so it’s not that short at all. 

Lizzie Shanara Mini Dress

Salty Crush Review

As I mentioned in my last dress review post, I’m determined to find dresses that’ll work for me this spring and summer during my pregnancy to avoid maternity clothes. 

Well, with Salty Crush, I definitely hit the jackpot!

Their dresses are comfortable, cute, breezy, and most importantly the stretchy waistline makes them bump-friendly. 

Plus, their shipping is fairly quick to be coming from Australia. My package arrived within 1 week of putting in the order. 

Sizing-wise, I feel it’s pretty accurate. I actually measured myself to go by their size chart, which directed me to go with an XL. The Lizzie Shanara dress was perfect in XL. However, with the Carmen Lucy dress, I felt a large would have worked, but the XL isn’t baggy and as my bump grows over these next few months I’m sure I’ll be thankful for the XL. 

I wasn’t really sure if I could pull off the bohemian style, as it’s my first time giving it a go, but I am hooked. 

I’ve been a little self-conscious lately as I’ve gained back all of the weight I worked hard to lose with this pregnancy but both of these dresses made me feel beautiful. 

I definitely will continue to purchase dresses from Salty Crush during and after pregnancy.  

Closing Thoughts

Overall, Salty Crush is a company that I recommend. Though their clothes aren’t labeled as ‘maternity’, the dresses, at least, can work for you while you’re pregnant. 

I’m not sure if all bohemian-styled pieces boost your confidence as this is my first time trying the trend, however, the dresses I received, definitely made me feel great while I was in them. 

Salty Crush Review: Great Bohemian Style Dresses


  1. Roberta Taylor says:

    These clothes are magical but watch out. if you get the wrong size and try to return it, it will cost you $75.00 to $95.99 to mail a small package ( smaller that 8 x 10) back to them.. that’s in inches. I’ve decided to cut my loss. Purchased the jacket for $71.00. will be trying to sell it in Facebook Market Place

    1. Roberta,

      I’m so sorry that you experienced this. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  2. Anosa Malanga says:

    This is my first time learning about this brand and it looks promising. I love those dresses and looking forward to seeing more of their creations.

  3. Catalina says:

    Love bohemian clothes. They are so romantic and feminine. I will definitely check out this brand!

  4. Marysa says:

    I would love that Maxi dress. How cute and comfy! Perfect for summer and our vacation travels.

  5. Lynndee says:

    This is the first time that I’ve heard of this brand. Looks like they have pretty dresses.

  6. Gervin Khan says:

    I like your honest review about this fashion brand and the dresses looks really beautiful and comfy to wear. I will def place my order. Thanks!

  7. Nikki Wayne says:

    Thanks for sharing this brand, I love good clothing. I’ll definitely love their clothes.

  8. Tasheena says:

    This dress looks amazing on you. I have to make sure to check out this site.

  9. Tara Pittman says:

    I love the name of the fashion brand. These are cute dresses for summer.

  10. Amber Myers says:

    What a gorgeous dress! I need to check out the site. I have been wanting a nice beach dress for the summer.

  11. melissa chapman says:

    Those dresses look so great on you. I am a little too short for flowing fashions but a short mini could work for me.

    1. Thanks Melissa.

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