How to Set Up a Home Gym in a Condo

Setting up a home gym in a condo or an apartment can seem nearly impossible. Since moving into my current condo exercising at home is kind of difficult since I no longer have two stories and there is someone below me who can barely tolerate my kids walking across the floor. Therefore, I had to get creative to have a home gym that wouldn’t cause too much ruckus when working out and could also work without having an room to dedicate to solely working out.

Today, I am sharing what I have found to work for me.

Find a Dedicated Space for Your Home Gym

The first step to setting up your home gym is to figure out a location for it. For example, you may have room in your closet, or if you’re like me, you have enough space in your bedroom to dedicate a corner to it.

For large exercise equipment, you want to make sure it can be folded up so it doesn’t take up a ton of space. For other items such as abdominal mats and yoga mats, you can store them compactly as well. Overall, you should have some space available to store fitness items so they can easily be accessed when not in use.

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Have a Hidden Gym

If you don’t use bulky equipment and use things such as resistance bands and kettle balls for your exercises, you can always have a hidden gym.

You may want to store the items in your ottoman, chest, or even in one of your dresser drawers. My personal favorite is to keep all of my smaller items like my resistance bands and ankle weights in a bag hung up behind my closet door. That way when I need those items, I can easily access them, but when I don’t need them, they are all grouped together in a tidy space that is out of sight and out of mind.

Work Out in Your Living Room

If you decide to have a hidden gym because you don’t have space for exercise equipment, make it a habit of working out in your living room. Whenever I’m doing something that’s based on an instructional that has to be watched on my tvs such as yoga or Pilates, I always go to my living room to do it because that is where I can make the most free space. It prevents me from accidentally hitting my hands on the ceiling fan in my room and simply allows me to get the most from my home workouts.

Keep Some Workout Items in Plain Sight

If you’re like me, some items such as weights and massage balls can be left in plain sight to serve as my daily reminder that I need to work out. I like to keep my smaller weights and my massage balls on my dresser so each morning when I take my vitamins, I have a mental note that I either need to get my butt to a kickboxing class or do some sort of exercise at home for 45 minutes to an hour.

Use Equipment that Can Be Taken Down

Last, but certainly not least, if you are really cramped for space or just don’t feel like reorganizing to make space for a home gym in your condo right away, go for items that can easily be taken down and put up when you want to use them. For example, I have a pull-up bar above my closet door, which is usually up the majority of the time but can be taken down when I move without having to worry about doing heavy repairs.

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Final Thoughts – Making Fitness a Priority When Living in a Condo

Overall, if you want to work out you will find the space for a home gym regardless of where you reside. It can seem hard to find the space when living in a condo, but with these different methods making a home gym so you can make fitness a priority becomes a breeze (at least for me).

How did you create your home gym?


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  2. When I lived in a tiny apartment, I did it all in the living room. It was kind of a pain but it worked!

  3. That is awesome girl! We’re thinking about joining the YMCA because our house isn’t big enough with 8 of us in it to fit workout equipment. These are some great tips though.

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Love the idea! I don’t live in a tight space like a condo unit but it’s good to setup a home gym at home. It’s a great way to motivate yourself to workout more especially since you no longer need to drive or walk to the gym to do so.

  5. My home gym is in the basement, I still need to find something where I can put all my gears though. These are great tips.

  6. ricci says:

    I think this sounds like a great plan for setting up a home gym in any space. I need to set something up at my house because I can’t find the time to leave and go to the gym…HA!

  7. Claudia Krusch says:

    Living in a condo can have some challenges. These are great tips for working out at home. I always keep a few smaller pieces of equipment out to motivate me to use them.

  8. shannon says:

    I feel like you looked into my condo and wrote this LOL. I have gym equipment piling up everywhere! I should definitely utilize equipment that can be taken down and hidden. All great tips, thank you I pinned this to revisit later!

  9. What wonderful ideas. I would love to have a home gym that has space for all of my workout needs. These ideas look they would totally work for me in my tiny apartment.

  10. Joely Smith says:

    Great post! It is amazing how little space one truly needs for a great work out! Love the idea of leaving some of the items in plain sight! It will remind us to DO our workouts! LOL

  11. These are such great ideas! I would have never thought there was enough room for a home gym in a condo. You did a great job!

  12. candy says:

    Space is always a concern and I don’t live in an apartment. Can;t imagine what that is like. Finding equipment that folds up is a must plus it helps keep kids off of the equipment.

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