How to Get Your Skin Ready for Winter

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I love winter because I get to wear boots and leg warmers, don’t have to worry about bugs, and can really buckle down and focus on work since the kids are in school. However, one of the things I miss about summer each year once winter comes around is having to spend more time focusing on my skincare routine due to the harsh winter weather wreaking havoc on my skin. Since winter is knocking at our doors again, today, I thought it would be the perfect time to discuss how to get your skin ready for winter.

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Start Taking Shorter Showers 

Fall is the perfect time to start getting back into the habit of taking shorter showers and fewer relaxing baths (if you haven’t already had to do that with hectic schedules with the kids back in school).

While a hot steamy shower feels amazing after being out in the cold winter weather it can do damage to your skin during the winter. If taking a lukewarm shower or bath isn’t an option, the next best thing is to take shorter showers. Furthermore, by getting into that habit before winter fully sets in you’ll make things a lot easier for yourself.

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Make Sure Your Beauty Products Aren’t Expired

I’ve gotten into the habit of going through my skincare and beauty products each time the season changes because whether you know it or not they have expiration dates. For example, Urban Decay full coverage makeup concealer will last you for about 2-3 years. However, mascara, on the other hand, is usually only good for about four months tops.

Making sure your beauty products aren’t expired will keep you from causing a breakout on your face or body from using expired products and avoiding any of the other issues that come from using expired skincare and beauty products.

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Try Out New Products Before It Gets to Cold

I have very sensitive skin; therefore, I must be very careful when it comes to trying out new skincare products. The usual side effects that I get from using a skincare product that isn’t a good fit for my skin is peeling skin or it dries my skin out. Therefore, I always recommend trying out new products before winter to ensure that you can rectify the situation without already being at risk of the weather wreaking havoc on your skin.

Imagine trying to fix your skin if it gets dried out from a new skincare product when your skin is already damaged from the winter weather.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to having healthy skin year-round. However, it never hurts to have that reminder especially if you’re like me and water isn’t something that excites you.

I personally find it easier to drink water during the summer months since it’s so hot out. However, in the winter I would be fine just drinking tea all season.

Keeping hydrated will benefit your skin and body in numerous ways so even if you don’t feel like you need water make sure you’re in the habit of drinking it throughout the day. Making water lemon or fruit infused works perfectly for me.

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Final Thoughts on Getting Your Skin Ready for Winter

Just because it’s no longer summer and the rays of the sun aren’t beaming down on you when you’re out and about it doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off on your skincare routine. In fact, winter can be even worse than the summer. Everyone wants to have youthful skin and taking care of your skin during each season is the key to doing just that.

How do you get your skin ready for winter?

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