Things to Do to Start The Year Off Fresh As An Entrepreneur

Whether you’ve had the best year of your life since you became an entrepreneur or you’re counting down the hours until the next year starts, by doing these things you’ll be able to start the year off fresh as an entrepreneur. 

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Zero Inbox

It seems impossible to keep an inbox at zero (or under 20 for that matter). 

However, the last thing you want to do is start a new year with hundreds of emails from the prior year greeting you. 

We all have those emails that we say are important and we’ll get to later, but later turns into days, weeks, and months away. 

Get rid of them or put them into a folder if it’s emails that can’t be deleted or archived. You’ll feel much better starting the year off with only emails that are relevant in your view. 

Plus, it’ll probably make your first workday very productive!

Take Some Time Off in December

Take some time off in December, even if it’s only the last day of the year!

As an entrepreneur, it can be super hard to unplug. 

For example, I planned to take both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off in December and only ended up totally unplugging on Christmas Day and it felt amazing. 

If it is possible, take the last day of the year off to be 100% refreshed the next day. 

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Clean Out Your Client List

We all have clients that we love and clients that we’re in a love/hate relationship with. 

Get rid of the clients that you struggle to work with AND if you’ve been meaning to increase your rates, make sure you do that as well.

You’ll be able to have a stressfree January, on the work front, AND you’ll be surprised at how quickly your finances will flourish when you’re being paid to do things that you enjoy. 

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Close Out Your Books

I’m sure not too many people enjoy dealing with the financial side of things (especially taxes). 

So, get it out the way before the new year starts. Make sure all of your books are closed and you’re up to speed with the tax laws. 

It even doesn’t hurt to go ahead and start on your taxes and adjust, if necessary, when the tax forms arrive. 

Don’t spend your January anxious about how much you’ll have to pay or if you’ll be able to get everything sorted by the tax filing deadline. 

Adjust Your Goals 

Adjust your goals, make new ones, and get rid of the ones that are no longer relevant!

I’m not going to tell you to create a “Vision Board” or anything like that unless you’re into that. However, adjusting your goals is the key to regaining a focus on the upcoming year and even evaluate how you did on your prior year’s goals. 

Most importantly, it keeps you from aimlessly trying to reach goals that aren’t relevant to your current situation. 

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Reflect on What Went Good In Previous Months

Starting the year off fresh as an entrepreneur doesn’t mean forgetting about everything that happened in the prior year.

Instead, it means reflecting on what went good and celebrating your accomplishments. 

Your reflection session shouldn’t cause you to become stressed about how you’re going to outdo yourself next year. Instead, it should open your eyes to what you’re capable of, how far you’ve progressed since the beginning of your entrepreneur journey AND make you look forward to what opportunities and achievements the upcoming year will hold. 

Conclusion: Start The Year off Fresh as an Entrepreneur

Whether you’re just making the leap into entrepreneurship or you’ve been self-employed for years, starting the year off fresh will set you on a path for success. 

What things do you do to make sure you’re starting the year off fresh?

Things to Do to Start The Year Off Fresh As An Entrepreneur


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  2. Great tips and I usually apply them as well in my business. Taking stock of the lessons learned from the previous year help pave the way for the new. I’m not that great at a zero inbox, but it is my goal fo this year. Best wishes to you for 2020.

  3. Eileen M Loya says:

    Reflecting on what went good is very motivating. I think I will start with that tip. This is a very good post and a timely read for me. I need to stay on top of things if I want to be on the road to success.

  4. I usually reflect on the year that was and determine what worked and what didn’t and what needs more attention, etc. Great tips!

  5. I really enjoyed this post. Your tips are so helpful. I really can’t wait to implement some of them.

  6. These seem like great tips to start the New Year. Zero inbox sounds like a dream, I’m going to try and achieve that at the end of every week.

  7. These are some great tips to start off the new year fresh when you’re an entrepreneur. I’m going to take some of these tips and run with them.

  8. What great ideas. I will keep these in mind. I would love to start the new year fresh with a clean and organized slate.

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