5 Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

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Videos seem to be more influential than content these days. It’s no surprise really, with the busy lifestyles we all live. I mean, in some cases I would rather watch a video versus read through a couple of hundred words just to find a solution to what I was looking for. Plus, you must admit when shopping seeing something in use is better than reading about it. Therefore, today since my boys have been bugging me about starting their own YouTube channels, I wanted to go ahead and give out some tips for starting a YouTube channel.

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Think About What Type of Videos You Will Feature and Choose a Name-Based Off of That

The first step to starting a YouTube channel is to define your brand. It all begins with deciding what type of videos you’re interested in and what your target market is interested in.

Once you have found a market and something you’re passionate about, choose a name based off of that. For example, if you wanted to make travel videos or you loved adventure travel you may decide to choose your name plus + travel.

Keep it simple. Don’t overthink this.

Make Your Channel Unique

You should always have something about your channel that makes it stand out from your competitors. Check out your main competitors for inspiration.

Make sure you get a unique introduction and a unique outro, as well as eye-catching cover art. Use Fiverr for this instead of hiring a professional. You can get everything you need for as little as $10. For example, I recently updated my YouTube cover art via Fiver and only spend $50 versus if I would have gone to a professional and spent $1000 or more.

To put it all together, use VideoDone. They will stitch everything together to give you a professional video, no matter if it’s an iPhone video or a GoPro video.

Just remember not to mimic anyone else.

Invest in VideoDone

VideoDone ReviewVideoDone is the best service for creating a professional video. If you’re wondering how to edit video they have a team of professional video editors who will do all the work for you.

You can save time on video editing and you don’t need to have any prior technical experience to use their service and produce clean, engaging videos. You’re also providing yourself with experience without embarrassing yourself through uploading subpar videos.

Right now they have a special promotion. Just enter WINTER20 and get 20% off your chosen video plan with VideoDone.

How does it work? Sign up, upload your video, and receive your finished product. It’s that simple!

Make Your Channel Search Engine Optimized

Any young YouTuber knows that they’re up against big competition. Making your channel search engine optimized is crucial to your success.

After you’ve readied your video you should look up keywords and phrases for your industry. The Google Keyword tool will be your best friend throughout this process.

These are the things that will help people discover your content:

  • SEO friendly titles.
  • Tags
  • Keywords for your video description.

Promote It Everywhere

In the beginning, don’t rely on organic traffic. You need to actively promote your video everywhere you can. Every new release should be a big deal.

If you’re marketing a travel video, for example, produce a teaser of some of the most action-packed scenes from your video and post it on Instagram and Pinterest.

Stay active on Facebook and Twitter. Build relationships with other YouTubers and your viewers. Be known as the person who takes time out to interact.

And make sure you include your YouTube channel as a signature on any forums you frequent.

Promoting your videos will take up the majority of your time. There’s no way around it other than lots of hard work. Do that and over time you’ll notice a big difference in the number of views you’re getting.

Final Thoughts on Starting a YouTube Channel

As I try to tell my boys who’re eager to get their YouTube channel going, having a successful YouTube channel takes more than just recording yourself on camera and uploading it to YouTube. Even if you can create a good topic to discuss on the camera you’re going to have to make sure the video looks professional, is SEO friendly, and make sure to promote it to get people to watch it.

What are your tips for starting a YouTube channel?


  1. Cindy Ingalls says:

    This is really great advice. Another thing I hear all the time is don’t worry about your camera or lighting. Try to film in natural lighting until you really get a feel of your channel and have decided it is something you want to continue. Then, over time you can invest in a better camera and lights. If you provide great content, your audience will over look the quality of the video.

  2. Ron Leyba says:

    Deciding about the niche is one of the most important. Having the right video tool and equipment is also one of the important part of starting a youtube channel. Great tips you got here!

  3. Rosey says:

    My son really, really wants to start one but I am not letting him. He says his friends get to, lol, but that’s okay. I have seen where a lot of bloggers make big gains when they go to video!

  4. I’ve been looking for some help on editing my videos. I love your suggestions as VideoDone sounds like just what I need.

  5. Great tips, thanks for sharing. I have been trying to get my YouTube channel up and running better.

  6. These are great tips. It’s important to have everything in order from your theme to how you’re going to promote your videos. I haven’t heard of VideoDone before. That’s really interesting!

  7. These are really great tips and I really need to put some of them into action. I have a neglected Youtube channel that I really should be putting some work into. VideoDone looks like a very helpful service!

  8. Awesome tips! I have a channel, although, that is where it ends. I didn’t even know some of these were actual ‘things’ as far as having a You Tube channel. I have so much to learn. Thank-you for the advice!

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