Thinking of Starting an Online Business in 2018 – Check Out These Resources

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Thinking of Starting an Online Business in 2018 – Check Out These Resources

I can’t believe it’s already 2018. I’ll be another year older this weekend and I’ll have been running my writing business for 7 years, with my blog turning 6 years in April. Boy, this has been a long journey.

I still remember when I started my writing business all those years ago. It was hard, I was clueless, and I could have used some tools and resources. Therefore, today, while reflecting, I figured why not share some great resources and tools with you guys today just in case one of your goals for 2018 is to start an online business.

Let’s jump right in.

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The UserIQ tool is designed to help you meet the needs of your customers. It uses data and statistical analysis to make sure you invest your resources in the customers most likely to make their way deeper into your sales funnel.

This is customer success software and you’ll learn more about what your customers need and how to solve their problems. It’s just like being able to read their minds.

You’ll soon discover happier customers, more upsells, and additional referrals coming in.


Staying motivated and getting things done during tough times can be difficult. That’s where Habitica comes in because it takes an intriguing RPG game and turns it into a business tool.

You progress through the game and level up by completing the goals you set for yourself throughout the day. Now you’re turning your daily schedule into a video game.

Plus, if you’re a competitive person like me, you’ll find it nice to join teams or create your own team, so the most productive people can compete for additional perks.


SUMO is all about creating a website that automates growth. With customer and traffic gathering tools that can be placed on your website without any coding experience, you have what you need to begin growing your business in the online world.

With tools like email capture and detailed analytics, you can get customers and make intelligent decisions going forward.


The point of CoSchedule is to make you more efficient. It takes every social media marketing tool you may use and combines them into a single dashboard. Everything can be controlled from the site’s dashboard or your WordPress blog and scheduled according to your needs.

These tools can be connected to each other so you’ll be more productive and there’s nothing you won’t miss. It’s also more cost-effective because you don’t have to pay multiple companies for the same tools you get within the same package at CoSchedule.


Your written content is an important communication method. It’s the bridge between you and your customers. Regular mistakes will only serve to make you look unprofessional. But hiring a full-time editor is expensive and not viable for a business that has just established itself.

Grammarly saves you the effort and expense of hiring a proofreader. It provides accurate editing and proofreading at the click of a button right on your computer screen.


Businesspeople often feel like the day passes them by in a flash. RescueTime stops you from falling into that trap through tracking the amount of time you spend on each application.

If you’re spending too much time on social media, looking at customer stats, or simply checking up on the latest industry news you’ll know about it.

Then you can make the changes that are going to make you more productive. It’s not about blocking websites it’s about giving you real information on your habits backed up by statistics. Sometimes you may find that you’re investing too much time in a single aspect of your business.


Visual content marketing is the present and the future. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are much too expensive for a business that’s just getting off the ground, though. PicMonkey is an excellent substitute for the growing business.

It offers professional photo editing at a fraction of the price. For touch-ups and minor customization options, this is the ideal piece of software for you.


Evernote is for those sparks of inspiration that strike wherever you are. Did you see a cool piece of artwork you’d like to save? What about a document you think might be useful later? Whatever it is, Evernote is an app that automatically synchronizes your best ideas and allows you to access them from anywhere.

It’s so much more than just a depository for your pictures, though. It comes with lists, schedules, as well as organizational tools to make sure your life doesn’t become a mass of clutter.

This is the best way to be truly portable with your online business.

Final Thoughts on Resources for Online Business Owners in 2018

There’s always the risk that businesspeople find themselves drowning in new tools when they first start their businesses. They can quickly become a hindrance and slow down the entire venture.

These resources are the right choices for small businesses that want to grow and become efficient without spending too much money or investing too much time in integrating them.

Do you have any other recommendations for those who are thinking of starting an online business in 2018?


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  2. There are quite a few of these I use and love but you’ve introduced me to more I’m going to try. I really am intrigued by Habitica and am going to check it out first.

  3. This is super helpful! I totally pinned it for later, I’d like to get my business back up and running this year.

  4. I use picmonkey but the others I haven’t really looked into. I run an online business as well as a blog, so I should probably consider some of these. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Those are great resources to get the ball rolling. Using everything you can to get started is very important.

  6. Kathy says:

    This has a lot of great info. I use a few of these sites myself. PicMonkey has always been a favorite of mine.

  7. I already use Grammarly and PicMonkey. Both are really useful indeed. But thanks for the suggestions. I’m gonna look into RescueTime and Coschedule which I’ve heard a lot are using it already. Thanks for the list. I need a much-needed update on business tools to make things more productive.

  8. I really appreciate this list that you shared. I opened a business last year and it’s been awesome, but I’ve always wanted to improve. I’ll be checking out this list to help me with that!

  9. Jennifer Van Huss says:

    These are great resources!!! I am struggling with my blog (6 years part time this year) and I really want to give it a boost! These ideas are just what I need!

  10. I use a lot of these and I love them. If you’re doing anything online, you need the right tools to help you maximize your time and effort.

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