Stay at Home Mom Jobs: Work From Home Jobs With Babies

Raising a family can be expensive, which is probably why you decided to become a SAHM, or are thinking about it. Stay at home mom jobs may seem unrealistic since you’re handling a variety of household chores and handling the majority of the childcare. However, with a little multitasking, a good SAHM daily routine, and determination you can secure a stay-at-home mom job that doesn’t require any experience or you being on the phone all day. 

There are several work-from-home mom jobs with babies that will allow you to still attend to your parental responsibilities. 

For instance, as the world is transitioning into a digital age, cryptocurrency investing and trading is good sources of passive income. All you have to do is buy Bitcoin with debit card and begin your trading journey to support your family.

This article is going to cover various stay at home mom jobs online that could potentially turn into a full-time thriving business for you by the time your little ones start school. 

Stay at Home Mom Jobs

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Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is the perfect stay-at-home mom job for moms with babies because while you will have deadlines to meet you pretty much set your own work schedule. 

Getting started doesn’t require you to have experience either. You can start by publishing some articles on a site such as Medium or your own personal blog and then apply for freelance writing jobs that interest you on sites such as ProBlogger

Alternatively, you could start by offering your services on a site such as Fiverr

Chat / Email-Based Customer Support

When many moms think about customer support work-at-home jobs they tend to run into phone customer support jobs. While phone customer support jobs from home are most common / widely advertised there is a market for chat and email-based customer support jobs for stay-at-home moms. 

With these jobs, you would work a set time each day, but it wouldn’t require you to be on the phone, which easily makes it one of the best jobs for stay at home mom. Therefore, as long as your partner is available to watch your child you could do a chat or email-based customer support job during the hours that your partner is home. 

One company to start with is Ibbu. They allow you to log on and chat whenever you want, pay weekly, and no experience is required. 

Plus, once your kids are school-aged you could opt for a phone job that would allow you to get traditional work benefits. I wrote a guide on how to work a remote phone job with kids that shares my best tips from my remote call center gig days. 


One of the most popular stay at home mom jobs is childcare (i.e. providing childcare for moms who work outside of the home at your house). 

Since you already have children at home, adding a few more is relatively easy. 

To get started you just need to check your local state laws about operating a childcare center out of your home, which may require you to obtain CPR Certification and complete a babysitting course among others. 

Sell Digital Products

Chances are you’ve heard of Etsy and may have even purchased something from there. 

But, in addition to having handmade products for sale, did you know that it’s a great way to sell digital products?

Sign up for a Canva account and play around with the different templates, research different digital products that are top sellers on Etsy, and start creating your own. 

Similar to freelance writing, selling digital products is a great work-from-home job with babies because you set your own schedule. 

Create products to list and sell while the baby is sleeping and watch your passive income grow over time. 

When it comes to digital products your options are truly limitless. Popular digital products include:

  • Planners
  • Trackers
  • Calendars
  • Journals
  • Printables

Basically, you’ll create a product once, upload it, and watch the recurring income come in repeatedly while also adding new products to your shop to increase your income. 

Virtual Assistant

As a mom, you’re already good at multi-tasking and getting things done in general. As a virtual assistant you’ll be doing things you already do daily anyways, but getting paid for it. 

This is one of my favorite stay at home mom jobs because of the flexibility and the fact that it’s one of the stay at home mom jobs that pay well. 

Clients may hire you to do things such as book appointments, organize their email inboxes, order gifts, create to-do lists, answer emails,  and do other similar tasks. 

The simplest way to get started as a virtual assistant is to either look for openings on LinkedIn or join Facebook Groups that are specifically for virtual assistants looking for work or people looking to hire virtual assistants. 


Many moms find that one of the best stay at home moms jobs for moms who want to work from home with babies is transcribing. 

You can choose your own schedule as a transcriptionist, even if that means working until three in the morning! 

Transcriptionists transcribe audio files. A Google search will point you in the right direction for job platforms where you can get started as a transcriptionist this week. 

You can view a database and select the transcribing tasks that best suit your skills and schedule once you’ve logged into the system. On average, transcriptionists can earn $15 per hour.

Blogging / Vlogging

If you’re looking to earn passive income as a stay-at-home mom starting a blog or vlog is a great option.  When first starting out you may consider it one of the side jobs for stay at home mom, but over time it could turn into a full-time business.

I’ve written a guide on how to start a lifestyle blog and make money from it that is a good place to get started. 

As a blogger/vlogger you’ll write on a topic that you decide and once you’ve written about 50 articles (created 50 videos) or so, you can start monetizing your site via affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships, ads, and more. 

If selling digital products was a stay-at-home mom job that interested you this can even be tied into your blog as well. 

Survey Taker / Focus Group Participant

We all have opinions, so why not get paid for your opinion as a survey taker or focus group participant?

The amount of money you’ll make depends on how much time you invest into this, but it’s a great work-from-home job with a baby because you set your own schedule. 

Simply sign up for some networks and log in and take surveys and/or apply for focus groups when the baby is sleeping. 

Some legit survey taker/focus group companies to consider include:

Finance and Cryptocurrency Investing

If you have financial training or a keen sense of numbers, numerous finance-related work opportunities are available. 

Some jobs, like that of an accountant or a bookkeeper, are appealing choices if you want to work part- or full-time for a business, whereas investing is ideal for people who wish to work for themselves. 

Nowadays, cryptocurrency investing is getting mainstream acceptance because of its easy, quick, and transparent trading service. You can earn by investing in cryptocurrency without even leaving your home. Everything can be done on a smartphone. 

These are the best stay at home mom jobs that allow you to work from home with babies

These real stay at home mom jobs can all be started this week and you can work from home with your baby. 

I’ve been working online full-time for more than a decade, had three kids since starting my online income journey, and understand how difficult it can be to find good jobs for stay at home mom.

Hopefully, one of these stay at home mom job ideas work out for you and you’re able to reach your financial goals without having to sacrifice those precious early years with your children and secure some stay at home mom jobs that you actually enjoy doing.

Stay at Home Mom Jobs: Work From Home Jobs With Babies


  1. Lol! I’m a SAHM and I do 3 of these things! Totally doable to be a SAHM and make a great income!

  2. This is a very good list of stay-at-home jobs. Most I did not know about.

  3. I mean, I may be a little partial seeing how I’ve been a blogger for almost 20 years. Blogging and freelance writing is a great job for stay at home moms. I started when I was pregnant with my oldest. It does have its ups and downs but I love that I’m able to do things on my own schedule.

  4. Juggling childcare with working part or full time can be difficult because of how many hats parents must wear already, but yes. It’s doable, and hats off to those who can AND maintain their work/life/mental health balance!

  5. These are wonderful suggestions; they can be doable. I’ve been working from their home, and I am considering some kind of side hustle to make some extra money.

  6. Melissa Cushing says:

    These are all great ways for most. to make extra cash and the possibilities are endless! Thank you for sharing this informative post!

  7. Melanie E says:

    It’s great that there are numerous job options to do from home. I am doing this and I work around the kids.

  8. Monica Simpson says:

    I’m curious to try the survey job. I’d like to add another side gig to bring in some extra money!

  9. These are great recommendations. Im actually a VA to food blogger and work from home and work part time on weekends so it’s nice to have a balance of both worlds!

  10. Amber Myers says:

    This can be tricky but it is doable. I did it when my kids were tiny and it helped keep me sane.

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