Summer Must Haves for Kids This Summer to Keep Their Brains Working

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While summer break is a great time for family vacations and to do fun things around the house, it’s important to remember to keep kids brains working so it’s not so hard to get them back into their school routines. This can be something as simple as having them read for 30 minutes per day or it can be playing educational games and doing fun educational activities. Therefore, today I wanted to share with you some summer must-haves for kids this summer to keep their brains working that I recently added to our learning center.

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Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst

Tinkering Labs is the original kit, where you can build and rebuild an endless number of robotic gadgets and models. This inventing set is perfect for pre-teens and teenagers.

They’ll have endless hours of fun, as they make electric cars, doodling robots, and more. If you have a little engineer in your family, they’re going to love it.

And if they want to challenge themselves, this kit even comes with 10 challenge cards to work through.

Apollo 11 Playset Bundle

The Apollo 11 Playset Bundle brings the Apollo 11 mission to life. But this is so much more than a standard construction toy.

The simple shape offers an unrivaled amount of building opportunities. The pieces connect easily, and you can work in mosaic or 3D forms. It’s even possible to create curves with these construction pieces.

Nothing will improve your kids’ fine motor skills more than this playset.

Hoyle 6 in 1 Fun Pack

The Hoyle 6 in 1 Fun Pack is one of the simplest gifts you can buy for your kids this summer. It includes a variety of favorites, including Slap Jack, Old Maid, and Go Fish.

It’s fun for the entire family, age-appropriate, and it forces your kids to think. This is an affordable and simple way of keeping their minds working this summer.

Robot Safari

The Robot Safari is your chance to get your kids into mechanical engineering for the first time. Make a range of cool animals, including a cat, crab, otter, or even a Narwhal.

It comes with a storybook manual to guide them through the adventures of Remus, who discovers he’s separated from his family. This robotic teddy bear’s story will keep your kids entertained for hours.

The large cubic pieces make this suitable for younger children who’re learning to build for the first time.

Pepper Mint in the Great Treehouse Engineering Adventure

Invite your children on an adventure to the rainforests of Borneo with talented engineer Pepper Mint.

During the 32-page story, you’ll be building a giant wooden treehouse and conducting experiments. You’ll gradually extend the treehouse with every task set by you.

This fun construction kit isn’t just limited by its story. It’s also the ideal independent playset, allowing your kids to create what they want and manufacture their own stories.

Not only is this a great building kit, but it’s going to let your kids’ imaginations run wild.


The Geckobot is another fun building project to keep kids busy this summer. The Geckobot model can walk vertically up anything.

This is about so much more than building the seven different models that come with this set. It’s also an introduction to how air pressure, surface texture, and suction works. There’s a full manual, with color pictures, to help guide your kids as they build their models.

If you have any problems, there’s even a helpful walkthrough video you can take advantage of.

It’s perfect for pre-teens who want to move onto more adult toys.


The Air-Walker is the sequel to the Geckobot. This is a robot that can defy gravity itself. It uses a range of different pumps and suction cups to crawl along vertical surfaces.

It’s an easier robot to assemble than the Geckobot, but it also comes with even more capabilities, including being able to crawl in all directions. The mechanical devices inside can lift flat panels, and it comes with dual suction cups for rotating.

Again, you’ll get a full-color manual and a troubleshooting video to help your kids along should they get stuck.

PBS Kids PlayTime Pad

PBS is one of the most reliable suppliers of educational content in the country. That’s why the PBS Kids PlayTime Pad is a great way to keep your kids busy this summer.

It’s ready to connect and your kids can enjoy a variety of PBS content featuring their favorite PBS KIDS characters. There are also more than 25 different educational games to play, which focus on math, science, and literacy skills.

With Google Play, they can also access thousands of other apps. The replay value on this pad will keep them busy for the entire summer, and even going into the next summer. PBS is always adding brand new content for your kids to enjoy.

Furthermore, they can access 24/7 PBS TV from this pad.

But don’t worry about your kids getting addicted to yet another screen. There are full parental controls that you can manage from your phone, so when time’s up they won’t be able to access any more content.

You can also monitor what they’re doing on the pad, so you don’t need to worry because you’re in control at all times.

Final Thoughts: Keep Your Kids Brains Working This Summer with These Products

If you’ve been reading my content for a while, you already know I love keeping my kids engaged throughout the year with different educational content. These additions are perfect for elementary aged school kids and the best part is they’ll have fun doing educational activities without it coming off as them doing something educational.

How do you keep your kids’ brains working during summer breaks?

Summer Must Haves for Kids This Summer to Keep Their Brains Working

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