Tech Gift Ideas

Are you shopping for someone who is obsessed with tech? 

There’s no need to consider purchasing them one of the latest computers, phones, game systems, or smartwatches because they’ve probably already purchased it. However, there are plenty of other tech gift ideas that will leave the techie in your life satisfied without you spending too much.

Here are my top recommendations for tech gift ideas this year.

LumiCharge 4 in 1 Voice Controlled LED Lamp with Universal Phone Dock

Are you shopping for someone who seems to go through a ton of phone chargers or is notorious for forgetting to charge their phone at night?

The LumiCharge 4 in 1 Voice Controlled LED Lamp with Universal Phone Dock would make the perfect gadget for them. 

This all-in-one lamp functions as a Bluetooth speaker and charger and its sleek look makes it the perfect fit for a bedroom nightstand and it’s compact enough to even take when traveling. 

It features fast wireless charging and a USB plug so multiple devices can be charged at once. Plus, it is even compatible with Alexa and Google. 

The makers of this lamp seriously thought of everything to make any techies nighttime routine a breeze!

Creative Outlier Air V3

If the techie in your life doesn’t have a good pair of earbuds yet you cannot go wrong with Creative Outlier Air V3. 

These wireless earbuds feature 40 hours of total playtime with 10 hours of battery life per charge. Plus, they have customizable touch controls and noise control features which makes taking calls regardless of the background a breeze. 

Whether you’re shopping for a busy mom, workaholic, or gym junkie, you can be sure that these wireless earbuds will be one of their most-used gifts. 

Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow

Mobile phones are an integral part of most people’s days. They’re used for work, leisure, school, and more. 

Many people surf their phones at night on the couch or in bed to unwind, however, an unintentional consequence is neck and back problems that result from poor posture when doing so. 

The Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow can help to reduce some of the aches and pains experienced. It gives users comfortable custom support to make their device hands-free to result in more comfort when doing video calls, emailing, reading, streaming, and even gaming. 

Whether the techie in your life is a child, young adult, or even a senior, this is one of those gifts that simply keeps on giving!

Talkworks Flexible Phone Tripod

We all know that person who has to take photos to document every single occasion. 

While sometimes their photos turn out really great, there are other times when a stable surface could have improved the quality of the photo. 

With the Talkworks Flexible Phone Tripod, steady photos and videos are the norms. 

It features a universal phone holder that is able to fit most smartphones and the wireless Bluetooth enabled remote makes it so photos and videos can be more accurately timed. 

This is the tech gift idea that most techies love, but never knew that they needed!

Rechargeable LED Lantern with Powerbank

Don’t write this off as a gift that would only be beneficial for those who go camping. 

It can make a great gift idea for anyone, really. 

I have a couple in my house (and I’ve never been camping), but boy do they come in handy during a power outage. 

If you’re looking for tech gift ideas for the techie that has everything, this is a safe choice. It’s the one item that you may not know what to do with at first until the need arrives and you’ll be glad that you have it. 

Ideally, I’d recommend it for those who live in hurricane zones and are known to lose power throughout the year. 

This lantern lasts for up to 85 hours and also serves as a USB charger. Plus, of course, it can also be a go-to tech gift idea for those who love to camp as well. 

You can’t go wrong with these tech gift ideas

If you’re looking for tech gift ideas you can’t go wrong with these. You can be confident knowing that you’re gifting something that they don’t have already, but also something that they will be able to use. 

Tech Gift Ideas

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