The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance

When you become a homeowner, it’s an entirely new ballgame than when you were a renter. You’re now responsible for all regular maintenance on the home, including regular HVAC maintenance and repairs. 

Since becoming a homeowner almost a year ago I’ve been learning the ropes about what needs regular maintenance and today I thought I would discuss the importance of regular HVAC maintenance for those who are new homeowners like myself and still learning the ropes. 

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It saves you money

If you’re someone who wants to save money in the long run, getting regular HVAC maintenance is definitely something you want to do. 

By getting an HVAC tune-up at least once a year, you can potentially lower your energy costs and reduce the odds of your HVAC unit breaking down unexpectedly. 

Plus, some HVAC warranties require you to do yearly maintenance to keep the warranty valid. 

It improves your indoor air quality

Are you concerned about your indoor air quality? 

Maybe someone living with you has asthma, or you’ve been noticing an odor in your home that you just can’t get rid of no matter how much you clean. 

Regular HVAC maintenance can help you identify problems such as mold in your air ducts, which in turn improves your indoor air quality.

Since having a baby girl, I have been more in tune with our indoor air quality. I’ve been researching air purifiers to invest in already. However, when I had my HVAC tune-up from RS Andrews of Tidewater, I was alerted about a promo they currently have going on with air purifiers and it seems like it would be a great option. 

Between there just being so many of us and Hoss with his shedding, an air purifier definitely makes sense. My HVAC tune-up didn’t result in any mold or anything in my ducts, but your indoor air can never be too clean in my opinion. 

It protects your investment

Just like you want to keep your investment (new home) secure, it’s also important to make sure that you’re protecting it. 

One small problem can turn into a more significant problem that will end up costing you double or triple the amount of money to repair than if you would have caught it early. 

By getting regular HVAC maintenance you’re able to protect your investment by being aware of any potential hazards/problems that could occur down the line and addressing them/fixing them before they become a problem. 

For example, during my HVAC tune-up with RS Andrews of Tidewater, it was recommended that I have dampers installed for better heating and cooling control throughout each level of my home and have surge protectors installed since I have a gas hot water heater. 

By doing these two things, I’ll be able to save money on utilities and prevent another potential problem down the line. 

It helps you keep your home at a comfortable temperature

Your HVAC system is what allows you to always keep your home at a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather. 

With regular HVAC maintenance, you’re able to make sure your HVAC system is distributing warm and cool air throughout your home evenly. 

No more coming home from work and finding one area of your house is too cold or too warm. 

Give yourself peace of mind by getting regular HVAC maintenance 

With regular HVAC maintenance, you’re able to have peace of mind that everything is working properly with your HVAC system and avoid surprise repairs.

If you’re located in Virginia, I’d definitely recommend using RS Andrews of Tidewater as your go-to HVAC tune-up company. They’re able to get you on the schedule quickly (same day appointments available), and the visit only takes around 30 minutes. The tech wears shoe coverings to ensure your floors stay clean and provides very detailed recommendations on what you should do next at the end of the visit.

The Importance of Regular HVAC Maintenance


  1. Ashley Thompson says:

    It really is important, especially if you have pets! Thanks for reminding me to think about mine 🙂

  2. Inas says:

    I have allergies so this is great to keep in mind. Thanks!

  3. Richelle Milar says:

    This is such a really great and very important reminder! I’m surely gonna take note of this!

  4. Kathy says:

    You definitely need to take care of everything. I find this really important to take care of too. We always do.

  5. Melanie Edjourian says:

    It is very important to maintain this sort of thing regularly. You need it to work at its best and to avoid costly repairs springing up.

  6. Terri Steffes says:

    It saves your allergies! Ha! I had to really keep our air vents clean to cut down on airborne allergens.

  7. Tasheena says:

    This is such a wonderful reminder, and thanks for providing a breakdown of the importance.

  8. Tara Pittman says:

    I have asthma and allergies so I need to do this. It might just help with my health.

  9. Amber Myers says:

    You reminded me I needed to schedule an appointment to have our HVAC looked at. I want to be sure it’ll run properly in the summer when it’s super hot.

  10. Beth says:

    Like anything else, if you take care of it, it’ll take care of you. You have to remember that.

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