Things to Do When You Move to a New Country

Are you looking for a change in the post-pandemic world? The U.S. State Department estimates 10 million Americans already live outside the country.

If you have a destination in mind, the necessary visas, work permits, and your suitcase, here’s what you need to know when you move to a brand-new country.

Things to Do When You Move to a New Country

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1.       Find a Place to Stay

The chances are when you land you will be staying in a hotel until you find a permanent place to stay. Different countries have different retail rental markets, and so it’s wise to have a local contact on the ground who can help you.

Connect with other expats already in the country online before you go. Facebook groups and Reddit are two excellent options for getting help with this. They may know someone who is actively looking for someone to stay with them.

Alternatively, consider Airbnb. For long-term stays of more than 30 days, it’s possible to find hosts offering discounts of up to 40%. With 53% of Americans moving due to a lower cost of living, this is a great way to save hundreds of dollars immediately.

2.       Figure Out the Transportation System

Transportation can be confusing in many cities. After getting settled in, take the time to figure out the transportation system.

Buy a transport card, figure out your options, and work out the most economical way to travel. There is an increasing number of cities around the world that are now ‘bike friendly’, so don’t discount it as a way to get around.

3.       Get a New Phone Number

Now that you have a place to stay and you’ve worked out how to get around, you need a form of communication, which means getting a local phone number.

Some countries make this easier than others. Certain countries have now made it mandatory to present a photo ID when purchasing a new SIM card to clamp down on crime, for example.

4.       Open a Bank Account

A local bank account is invaluable when moving to a new country. Again, the process largely depends on the country. Nations like Singapore tend to be extremely bureaucratic, whereas countries like Mexico and Romania will often hand out bank accounts to just about anyone with a passport.

If you don’t feel like negotiating the challenges of opening a bank account in a foreign language, consider an online challenger bank.

TransferWise is hugely popular worldwide, as is Monzo, which is estimated to have five million customers by the end of 2021.

These can be opened online from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a photo ID and an address.

5.       Connect with the Community with Nextdoor

Making new friends is tough. Make it easier with Nextdoor, the community-based app that acts as a bulletin board. Integrate yourself with your local expat community and get the word on all the latest goings-on in your new neighborhood.

Nextdoor is safer than other similar apps because they actively work to make it an inclusive, welcoming platform for all. Did you know Nextdoor’s racism-education & prevention efforts go the extra mile to ensure this great app offers a fantastic experience to everybody? If you’re worried about abuse, this is the safest way to connect with a brand-new community.

Final Thoughts

Moving to a new country is scary, but it could be the making of you. Make a plan before you go and establish the basics. Once you have what you need in place to work, live, and laugh, you’ll be ready to immerse yourself in a whole new world.

Things to Do When You Move to a New Country

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