Tips for Celebrating Your Significant Other’s Birthday on a Budget

Birthdays are something to look forward to, but if you don’t have any money the date can fill you with dread. While it may be tempting to put a wild birthday for your significant other on the credit card, this is a dangerous game to play.

The average American has $6,194 of credit card debt, as of 2019, and the chances are many cannot sustain this level of debt. But a special birthday doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s what you need to know about celebrating without breaking the budget.

Tips for Celebrating Your Significant Other's Birthday on a Budget

1.       Send a Funny Birthday Card

Birthdays are not about what you spend but the moments that last. These days you can send funny birthday cards on practically any topic or subject. Bring a smile to your significant other’s face for only a few dollars.

Tap into their sense of humor and get their birthday off to a great start.

2.       Make a Craft Gift

The personalized gift industry is expected to be worth more than $77 billion by the end of 2022, which means the industry will have grown by 500% in just over five years. It demonstrates how on-trend personalized gifts are.

There’s no simpler way to save than by making a craft gift. So, make a photo album, learn some origami, or decorate a photo frame. Craft gifts show that you’re willing to put in that extra effort just for them.

3.       Go for Experiences

Experiences are more likely to make a mark than a randomized gift. If you’re on a budget, take your significant other out instead.

Whether it’s an affordable restaurant, a trip to the theatre, or a museum, these excursions are far more memorable than an expensive gift.

4.       Throw a Surprise Party

Parties don’t have to be formal occasions with hundreds of dollars spent on expensive wines and prestige cuts of meat. Again, it’s the people who care that count.

Grab a keg of beer, invite their friends, and surprise them. If your budget is razor-thin, consider asking others to bring their own booze.

5.       Do a Movie Night

What happens if your significant other’s birthday is on a work night or people can’t make it? That’s okay because you can always throw a movie night instead.

Microwave some popcorn and snuggle up together as you watch some of their favorite films throughout the evening.

6.       Cook a Special Birthday Meal

If you want to show how much you care, you might be thinking about taking your loved one out for dinner. But if restaurants are out of your budget, cook a special birthday meal instead.

They’ll always appreciate a loved one who slaved for hours over a hot stove to make their birthday a special occasion.

Final Thoughts

Great birthdays don’t have to be expensive because money is not what makes memories. It’s the people you spend it with.

Put the credit card away and think outside the box. Do you have any cool ideas for putting together a special birthday for a loved one?

Tips for Celebrating Your Significant Other\'s Birthday on a Budget

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