Tips for Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget

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The pandemic has led to more of us investing in home renovations. Kitchen and bathroom renovations have jumped by 40% during the pandemic, as a result. The good news is you do not need to invest a lot to update your bathroom.

In fact, now has never been a better time to rejuvenate your bathroom. Savings rates within the U.S. have increased by 32% as a result of more of us staying home. If you are looking for some tips on updating your bathroom on a budget, here are some easy projects you can start now.

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Tips for Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Add in a new mirror

Mirrors are one of the most effective additions to any room. Adding a brand-new mirror to your bathroom can improve the perception of space, thus making your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is. This is especially valuable if you have a small bathroom.

Place the mirror opposite the window, so light is reflected around the room. This can make your bathroom appear more inviting.

Implement some gadgets

Bathrooms have changed little over the past few decades. But the fixtures and fittings within the modern bathroom are now able to accommodate technology.

Add in a smart LED mirror, a towel warmer near your shower stall, or add a shower speaker so you can play content from your smartphone while you shower.

Gadgets do not have to be expensive. It is possible to bring your bathroom into the 2020s with just a few hundred dollars.

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Update your tiles

Sometimes, bathroom renovations are about more than improving the aesthetics. Most people consider bathroom safety to be a priority and your tiles could pose a danger.

Old, leaky tiles can allow water to seep into the walls. This can lead to water damage, which may eventually lead to electrical shocks.

Replace your old, leaky tiles. Upgrade the grouting between the tiles to give your bathroom that ‘just finished’ look.

Buy a soft close toilet seat

Nothing is more irritating than someone else in the house slamming the toilet seat. An affordable fix for this problem is the soft close toilet seats.

Soft close toilet seats come with sprung hinges, so they will never slam when they are closed. This ingenious idea isn’t expensive and is now available for both plastic and wooden seats.

Change out the wooden finishing

Wood finishes offer a contemporary facelift which is ideal for the modern bathroom. Unfortunately, over time wood can be chipped, the hinges can become discolored, and water can be absorbed into the base.

These are relatively cheap to replace and can match any décor. Consider luxury walnut, Avola Grey, or clean white paneling for your bathroom.

You can successfully update your bathroom on a budget

Contrary to popular belief, it does not have to be expensive to update your bathroom. Sometimes the cheapest changes can have the biggest effects on the aesthetics of a bathroom.

While you are stuck with the effects of the pandemic, give your bathroom a brand-new look.

Tips for Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget


  1. Such great tips! My parents have just updated their bathroom and looking at the photos, I am loving the new look

  2. Maggie says:

    Updating our bathroom is in my to-do list! Thank you for sharing these budget friendly ideas!

  3. Sally says:

    These are some good tips. Also, if you have painted walls, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way.


    Soft close toilet seats are great. We have those at home and definitely recommend them to everyone.

  5. Marysa says:

    Remodeling can be so expensive, and it is nice to have some tips for doing updates on a budget. We try to switch out old fixtures every so often, as those can really date a space.

  6. Crystal Carder says:

    I love these budget friendly tips for updating my bathroom, mine desperately needs a makeover.

  7. Tara Ade says:

    I’ve been thinking about refreshing my bathroom and a soft-close toilet seat is high on my list! Thanks for the tips!

  8. Nikki Wayne says:

    Love these tips. I’m upgrading mine soon. So it’s very timely to read this.

  9. Our powder room could use an update. I’ll keep these suggestions in mind.

  10. Claudia says:

    A soft close toilet seat sounds amazing! My son has a habit of just letting the lid drop, and you can hear it all the way across the house!

  11. Tasheena says:

    These tips are really helpful. I can’t wait to implement them.

  12. Amber Myers says:

    I do want to update my bathroom at some point. I love your ideas! I’ll keep them in mind.

  13. Mar Wahrer says:

    Great ideas for some easy bathroom renovations. Changing out shower tiles or adding a backsplash could really transform the space.

  14. OMG I just saw an Instagram Friend do something FUNKY with her countertops and now I want to do it in our bathroom and it’s super budget-friendly! It’s basically like WRAPPING your counter tops!! They go from BLAH and SHAAAABAMMM with the help of a blow dryer!

    1. Gigi,

      I think I’ve actually seen a product like that but the person used it for their kitchen countertops.

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