VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer: A Must-Have For Natural Hair Moms

Natural hair is a lot of work and as a mom, you already have a limited amount of time that you can dedicate to yourself (especially during the infant and toddler stages). 

Unless you’re wearing a protective style, you’re going to have to commit 2-3 hours at least once per week solely for the washing and maintenance of your hair. 

With the VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer and Hero Hair Towel, you can reduce your drying time by up to 50%, which allows you to spend time on other tasks (or sneak in some self-care). 

If you have infants and/or toddlers you may be tempted to just put in a relaxer or chop your hair all off. However, with the right natural hair essentials, you can shorten your natural hair routine. 

The VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer and Hero Hair Towel are two products that I’ve added to my weekly routine and I wanted to share my experience with you today so you can see if they are a good match for you. 

VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer: A Must-Have For Natural Hair Moms

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What is the VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer?

VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer Review

The VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer is an innovative hair dryer that decreases the amount of time that it takes to dry your hair by up to 50% when paired with the plush Hero Hair Towel. 

It is gentler than more traditional hair dryers and dries each strand quickly, which helps promote healthy hair. 

When you order the VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer you will receive the following items:

  • Dryer head
  • Battery pack
  • Charging base
  • Charging cord
  • Concentrator 

How does a cordless hair dryer benefit your hair?

The VOLO Beauty Cordless Hair dryer benefits your hair because it has smart features integrated to help your hair in addition to the quick drying times being a benefit to your hair. 

Basically, the less time you can spend with heat being applied to your hair the better. If you use other heated hair tools such as curlers or flat irons, limiting the amount of heat exposure from your hair dryer is ideal. 

Furthermore, with this specific cordless hair dryer, your hair benefits from Smart Mode, which determines how long you’ve been drying your hair and it automatically radiates less heat over your drying session. 

Is the VOLO Beauty Cordless Hair Dryer worth the money?

The VOLO Beauty Cordless Hair Dryer does come with a steep price tag when compared to traditional plug-in hair dryers. 

After experiencing how it works for myself I do feel as though the VOLO Beauty Cordless Hair Dryer is worth the money. 

Plus, if you download the SimplyCodes Chrome extension you’ll be able to find a working VOLO Beauty discount code to save a few coins. 

If you’re wondering how good the battery is, in my opinion, it’s good. It takes exactly 2 hours to fully charge when it’s dead, and the battery will last for a few different hair-drying sessions. 

VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer Review

During the summertime, I typically let my hair air dry to not have to deal with the drying process in general. However, during the cooler months, I try not to air dry my hair too much to avoid getting sick. 

With the VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer, I’m able to blow dry my hair year-round and get all of my weekly natural hair maintenance out of the way in one session vs dragging it out over the course of the day (or weekend). 

In my book, this cordless hair dryer is a must-have for natural hair moms because it definitely cuts down your drying time – even for those with super thick hair. It’s very lightweight and of course, you don’t have to worry about any cords getting tangled up. 

I was able to dry my hair in approximately 5 minutes with the VOLO Beauty dryer after leaving the Hero Towel on for approximately 15 minutes. 

VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer: A Must-Have For Natural Hair Moms

While on the topic of the Hero Towel, this towel is an affordable must-have for natural hair moms. The Hero Towel price is a fraction of that of the cordless hair dryer and it contains straps so you can put it on in the shower. It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh your head down or cramps your neck, AND thanks to the straps you don’t have to keep fidgeting with it. Instead, you can finish your shower, get dressed, and do whatever else you need to do before moving on to drying your hair. 

VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer Video Demo

Final Thoughts

Of course, a cordless hair dryer sounds appealing because you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way. However, the VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer price can make you think about purchasing it because what if it doesn’t work?

From my experience, this cordless dryer works very well and is ideal for natural hair moms who need to cut their wash day routines down. 

VOLO Beauty Go Cordless Hair Dryer: A Must-Have For Natural Hair Moms


  1. Nice! This would be a great product to own! Especially for on the go!

  2. A cordless hair dryer! I must have it for my family! It solves a lot of problems!

  3. I watched your whole video, hair looks great. I like the fact that there is no cord and it drys in half the time of regular dryers.

  4. Melanie E says:

    I love this, it’s so much better than mine with the long cord. It would be so much easier to use.

  5. I’d love to have a cordless hair dryer. It would make it easier to use anywhere in the house.

  6. This is brilliant. Who wouldn’t want a cordless blow dryer to use at home and while traveling?

  7. It makes sense to finally be able to go cordless with hair dryers! Cords are so restricting!

  8. Richelle Milar says:

    This looks like a really great and awesome hairdryer! Can’t wait to check this out!

  9. Woah! A cordless hairdryer that would be so useful. I need to get me one.

  10. This hairdryer sounds great. I normally have to sit on my bedroom floor to use mine as the cord isn’t long enough to reach my bed. So this cordless one would be perfect

  11. This sounds like an amazing hair dryer. I need to check this out. I don’t use a hair dryer often, but it’s nice to have it around for when I do.

  12. Amber Myers says:

    Ooo my daughter would love this! She uses hair dryers a ton and the fact that this is cordless would be a plus.

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