What to Wear For Homebirth: Homebirth Outfit Ideas

Homebirth can be one of the greatest experiences for those who have that option available. In addition to being able to give birth in the comfort of your own home and being able to eat and drink during labor you also get the added benefit of having more clothing options outside of the traditional hospital gown. 

This article is going to discuss what to wear for homebirth and clothes for water birth including some options available for during and after labor. 

What to Wear For Homebirth

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What to wear during labor

The most important thing about labor is to make sure that you’re wearing something that you’re comfortable in. 

You’ll want to be able to move about as needed, easily be able to go to the bathroom without having to undo a bunch of things, and of course, have on something that allows you to have your cervix checked easily and push out the baby. 

You do have some creativity with what you can wear since you won’t be forced to wear the hospital gown. However, my three recommendations are:

Bikini Top 

With my last son, I was going for a water birth, so the clothes for water birth that I opted to wear was a Triangle Bikini top and I’d throw on a swim dress coverup when I ended up getting out of the pool. 

This go around I’m probably going to do the same thing (fingers crossed that I can deliver in the pool this time) because for water births you don’t really want to have on too much because if/when you do get out you’ll be dripping water all over your floor. Plus, let’s face it, birth is messy and you don’t want to have on something you plan to wear again as after birth you’ll more than likely end up throwing it away. 

Labor Nightgown 

If you’re not planning to deliver your baby in the water, a labor nightgown is a great option. I like this one as it’s made out of breathable material and it’s not fitted so you can get into a range of positions easily. 

Ideally, you’d want to go with a labor nightgown that is also breastfeeding friendly (if that’s what you plan to do) so that after the baby is born you’re able to quickly transition to feeding mode. 


As we all know, birth is messy, so if you don’t want to risk ruining any clothing options or if you prefer to just be free, you can totally wear nothing at all. 

This is probably one of the best perks of giving birth at home. If you choose to do so you don’t have to wear any clothes and since you’re not at the hospital the only people who will see you are whoever you’re allowing to attend your homebirth and your midwife and their assistant. 

What to wear after labor

What you wear after labor depends on your plans. Ideally, you have two options that will allow you to be comfortable. 

I don’t recommend piling on a bunch of clothes or even worrying about pants after the cleanup has been done. 

In my opinion, it’s much more convenient  and comfortable to go with one of the following options:

Maternity Robe and Matching Swaddle Blanket

If you’re planning to have a newborn photo shoot or you have a birth photographer, an easy go-to would be a Maternity Robe and Matching Swaddle Blanket set. This is the one that I’m considering. 

By going this route baby and mom are able to be comfortable while looking good. The robe gives you easy access to going to the bathroom and breastfeeding while the swaddle blanket keeps the baby snug and peaceful. 

Nursing Dress

A nursing dress such as this one is another convenient option to put on after giving birth. It’s perfect for relaxing with the baby, gives you easy access for breastfeeding, and like the robe, it makes going to the bathroom more convenient. 

Plus, the built-in nursing bra makes it so you don’t even have to worry about putting on too many clothes to start off, which gives you a quick head start to finally being able to relax. 

Conclusion: What to wear for homebirth

Your homebirth experience should be customized to be your own. When you’re wondering what to wear for homebirth or what are the best clothes for a water birth, the most important thing is to go with something that you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s wearing a bikini top, a gown, or even nothing at all. 

What to Wear For Homebirth: Homebirth Outfit Ideas


  1. Lavanda Michelle says:

    I know some Moms who gave birth at home and it seems like a process. They showed me everything they needed to give birth and it was a lot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Angie Rose says:

    These are all very good tips for a home birth. I never knew there were nightgowns specifically designed for labor. Great article!

  3. Marysa says:

    These are all good points. I did not have a home birth but it would be good to know these things ahead of time and plan accordingly to have the best experience.

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