Why I Buy My Kids Teachers AND Bus Drivers Gifts

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Teachers Gifts

I will be honest and say this year I considered not purchasing teacher gifts since one of my boy’s switched schools and has only been at his new school for about a month and when I calculated the teachers alone that was five gifts, (youngest son has two teachers and oldest has three). Last year, I only had to purchase one gift and my son’s teacher was spoiled, but this year I just kept thinking how I could easily spend hundreds on teacher gifts alone. However, I do love shopping and I feel teachers AND bus drivers deserved gifts so I went to Pinterest and Reddit for inspiration.

On Reddit, I got recommendations to purchase wine, school supplies, and heard how one teacher received lingerie one year. On Pinterest, there were a bunch of homemade items and I just am not a crafty person and I don’t think teachers eat the food parents make and send in, because who knows how clean someone’s kitchen is unless you know them on a very personal level.

In the end, I was able to get the teachers AND my youngest son’s bus driver awesome gifts (I couldn’t get the bus driver for my oldest son a gift because each day they always seem to have someone new driving the bus). Anyways, my gifts weren’t as exciting as last year, but I think I did good, especially since I got them gifts and cute gift bags for under $100.


Despite the fact of some telling me not to buy teachers gifts at all, today I am going to discuss why I decided to do so anyways. In addition, I am pointing out why bus drivers need gifts too.

#1 They Watch My Kids for Multiple Hours

Honestly (yes, I am revealing many truths about myself in this post), my kids work my nerves at times. They drive me INSANE. Have you ever heard three toddlers talking as loud as they possibly can simultaneously? I have…so I can only imagine how teachers feel when they have to deal with multiple little people for hours (more than the three I care for), so yea they deserve a gift.

While I would like to say my boys go to school and are angels every day, the truth is they aren’t. My oldest had a bout where he came home with red or orange (not a good day colors) for almost an entire week for not listening and talking when he wasn’t supposed too. My middle decided to flip his eyelids up while on the bus and scare all of the girls. So, teachers AND bus drivers deserve a gift.

Bus drivers, aside from the commotion I am sure the eyelid thing caused, have to deal with a bus full of kids that are loud. Have you ever heard the elementary school bus pull up? It’s no wonder I don’t have a license, because I wouldn’t be able to concentrate with all of that chatter.

#2 They Should Feel That Someone Notices and Cares

Teachers have one of the hardest jobs (in my opinion) and a lot of time, they may feel as though their hard work goes unnoticed. They help teach our kids the educational things that they need to know to learn and grow. My oldest first year in pre-school he learned so much and he is learning even more stuff now that he is in elementary school.

As a business owner, despite the fact that I work from home full time, I cannot run up to the school to volunteer. It may seem like I don’t notice what my kid’s teachers do. But even though they may not see my face every week, I do notice, and by getting them a small token of appreciation (a gift and personalized cards from the kids), they can know that I notice their hard work with my kids and I am appreciative about what they do.


Closing Thoughts

Well, I saw this post was getting somewhat lengthy so if you hung in here with me until now, that is awesome. Overall, this post isn’t to persuade parents who are against gifting teachers to gift teachers, it’s just me sharing my personal opinion about why I do it. It’s not to bribe (yes someone told me gifting the kids teachers looks like bribery), it’s just because they deserve it.

Bonus – My Kids Teacher Gifts

Today’s #bathandbodyworks haul. #teachergiftsdone

18 Likes, 0 Comments – Victoria | Content Creator (@msvictoriah) on Instagram: “Today’s #bathandbodyworks haul. #teachergiftsdone”

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know I broke the rule of teacher’s gifts by shopping at Bath & Body Works. However, one can never have too many candles right and hand sanitizer was actually recommended on another list (I didn’t know that until after shopping, but anyways). Nevertheless, whatever, I think that they will like it and my boys created Christmas cards to give it a personal touch. Therefore, if they don’t like anything else from the cute Santa pants gift bags (I hope they love those), at least the card and hand sanitizer will be something that they enjoy.

Why I Buy My Kids Teachers AND Bus Drivers GiftsIf you purchase teacher Christmas gifts, what did you go with for your kid’s teachers this year?





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  5. aprila says:

    such a cute idea I love the santa pants that you put the stuff in such a cute idea

  6. I agree with the idea that they need to know that someone cares for them and appreciates their hard work for the kids 🙂

  7. Stacie says:

    You know, I’ve never thought of giving a teacher Christmas gifts. It’s really nice what you have done and I’m sure they’ll love that BB&W!

    1. Stacie,

      Yes, they loved it. Two teachers even wrote personalized thank you cards.

  8. For the past few years, we always give gifts to the teaches, bus drivers, principal, receptionist, and janitors at my boys school. We normally make things, cookies, one year it was a small dolls store vase each with a small bunch of flowers, cards, etc. The price of the gift isn’t important, the thought and thankfulness of the heart is 🙂 great post!

    1. Mim,

      That is so awesome. I bet they look forward to your gifts. This year my oldest son’s teachers sent home Christmas cards with him and said how much they loved their gifts.

  9. The Future Mrs. Vines says:

    Those Santa gift bags are too cute! I’ve never given my son’s teachers or bus drivers gifts, unfortunately. I’ve mostly been a “single” mom (even when I was with my ex) so I’ve never really had the extra money.

    Now I kinda feel bad, but our engine just went out on our car and school is out so maybe next year. 2016 will be the year of DIY for me. It’s going to have to be to get my budget back on track to buy a house.

    1. Melissa,

      Thanks. I can definitely understand not having extra money for stuff besides the required. I am sorry to hear about your engine, I hope its not too pricey to fix.

      I love the DIY idea. I have seen some nice stuff on Pinterest, I just don’t have a clue how to make anything look remotely close to the photos lol.

  10. Not having school-age children means that this isn’t something I have ever considered. I think it might be a generation thing but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the idea. What happens when your child has a different teacher for each subject? Are you going to buy 8 or 10 teacher presents?

    1. Teresa,

      I also thought about that. I would try to purchase as many presents as possible, but they would definitely not be very expensive. Someone mentioned gift cards so in those cases a $5 gift card to Starbucks or Tropical Smoothie Cafe would definitely come into play.

  11. Amanda D says:

    We homeschool, but my Mom is an educator and runs a school. She is always so appreciative for the gifts she receives. Teachers and Bus drivers definitely deserve a little something…. they deal with a lot, and still smile everyday.

  12. These is really a great idea of giving back and showing kindness to others. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I think it is a great idea to buy a gift for teachers. I no longer have kids in school but my daughter is a teacher and they have a tough job. I agree that the bus drivers have to have almost as much patience and teachers, although they only have them for a short time
    Good for you,
    Thanks for sharing at Turn It Up Tuesday,

  14. I love the idea of giving presents to teachers. Yeah you are right they have one of the toughest job and often times it goes unappreciated.
    Now I am thinking about what to give my boy’s teacher this christmas…to show my gratitude for what she is doing for my son

  15. These are so cute! I’ve never seen Santa pant bags before! My mom used to always buy gifts for our teachers – I don’t remember what though haha

  16. I always buy gifts for my kids’ teachers and bus drivers. I like giving them simple gifts like this that they can use. I love the Santa Bag!

  17. those santa pants bags are so cute! and i’m so glad that you think of the teachers and even more glad that you think of the bus drivers. so sweet

  18. Great ideas… I haven’t bought anything for our teachers ;( maybe just a gift card

    1. Rika,

      Gift cards are great too.

  19. Robin {Masshole Mommy} says:

    Those are really nice gifts and that is a really thoughtful thing for you to do.

  20. That is wonderful that you do, sharing your abundance. I am sure they appreciate it.

  21. Elizabeth O. says:

    Those are lovely. You made really good points. Teachers should be shown appreciation especially during this season. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Liz Mays says:

    You are so kind and thoughtful. I know they’ll appreciate it so very much.

  23. Heather says:

    My son just gave our gift for his teacher today. I figure restaurant gift cards are always a winner because everyone eats right? I think it’s important to show appreciation for them after all they care for our children five days a week and even after hours as well sometimes do club things. And knowing teachers, I know how much of their own money they put into the classroom. They will always have my appreciation ten fold.

    1. Heather,

      That is another good idea. Everybody does have to eat. I also agree about the money teachers spend out of pocket too.

  24. Those bags are so cute. I like to also give gifts to the janitors and cafeteria workers.

    1. Tara,

      I never thought about them. I’m sure that’s too many people for my budget this year though.

      1. Lisa Aliperti says:

        Sadly the support staff always get left out. Each teacher has 20-30 students bringing them gifts. Bus drivers, crossing guards, janitors, cafeteria workers, and playground supervisors- these people are working with all the children everyday yet nobody remembers them. A $5 coffee gift card is appreciated, hand warmers for the crossing guards, a bottle of Bath and Body works lotion for the kitchen staff who wash their hands many times during the day. Just think, if even 10 parents gave $5 gifts to each of the support staff or the PTO/PTA got together and each family donated a few dollars the support staff could each be given a $25 gift card to a restaurant or local department store.

        1. Lisa,

          That is a good point. I will be honest, I didn’t think about any of them except the bus drivers. I may try to do some gift cards for those workers during appreciation week.

  25. If we can we should really get something for the persons who our kids spend a great portion of their day with

    1. Mardene,

      I agree. Teachers spend a lot of time with our children and they teach them valuable things.

  26. I think it is lovely that you buy presents for your sons teachers. Teachers have one of the hardest professions and it can be difficult to do their job but it is nice to show someone that you care.

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