There’s Nothing to Be Embarrassed About When It Comes to Women’s Health

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As women, we have so much to deal with from the way we look, the way we parent, the career paths we choose…and even down to being judged/made to feel embarrassed about women’s health. Some males don’t understand the reproductive system and try to make it seem like when women are on their cycles that they’re dirty while other women will go so far as to make women feel as though they are wrong for getting things such as birth control pills, condoms, Plan B One-Step emergency contraception or even abortions (they are two different things by the way!).

Therefore, today, I just wanted to take some time to shed some light on the topic of women’s health and why there’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to women’s health.

Don’t Be Embarrassed About Natural Body Functions

Why is it that women must be embarrassed about natural body functions such as having their cycle or even having a bowel movement during childbirth?

I’ll be honest and go ahead and admit that for years I wouldn’t leave my house for the entirety of my cycle. I felt as though I was dirty and needed to stay in the house for fear of having a leak on my pants or being called out as it being the time of the month because I wasn’t in the best mood.

Has a guy ever said to you it must be the time of the month for you in reference to your mood? Why does it have to be that…are we not allowed to have a bad day unless we’re on our cycles?

Have you ever heard a guy refusing to go purchasing feminine hygiene for their wife or girlfriend because they find it embarrassing? What’s so embarrassing about it?

I’m here to tell you there’s nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to natural body functions. It took me years to realize this, however, now my life is a lot better that I don’t have to be a hermit and glued to my house just because “Aunt Flo” decided to come to town.

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Go to the Doctor

I know most women probably don’t enjoy going to the “lady doctor” for checkups, because it’s awkward and uncomfortable, to say the least (at least for me). However, for me, it came down to just being downright embarrassing when I was younger.

As a young adult woman, it had been beaten in my brain from peers that the only time someone was going to the “lady doctor” was if they felt they had an STD or were pregnant. However, this obviously isn’t true and even if a woman did feel as though they had an STD or were pregnant the doctor should be the person they are going to see.

However, gynecologists can help you with so much more outside of that and none of the things you need to see them for should be embarrassing for you including if you ask them about emergency contraception like Plan B (or sometimes called the morning after pill).

Outside of getting a Pap Smear when required, they can help you whenever you feel like something is off with your body.

Don’t let embarrassment keep you from taking care of your health. It’s the doctor’s job to see you and help you. There’s nothing embarrassing about a yeast infection, or UTI, however, it can be painful.

Don’t Be Embarrassed About Your Birth Control Options

Whether you’re getting on a daily birth control or you need an emergency contraceptive like Plan B, because you have had unprotected sex or a slipup with your daily birth control, nothing is embarrassing about talking about it. However, regarding both, it’s important that you educate yourself before taking them. For both options, it is always important to use them as directed.

As a mom of three boys, I can tell you that kids are expensive and not everyone wants multiple children or children at all for that matter. Therefore, having a contraceptive backup option like Plan B is a great option.   In fact, feel free to use this coupon for $10 off the price of Plan B if you find yourself in a situation where you need it.

Giveaways 4 MomAfter my youngest son was born, I decided I was done with children. I had a hiccup with my regular birth control and ended up needing to take Plan B myself. Yes, it was more than I was expecting price wise, but if I would have had another child at that time it would have cost me a lot more.

I know some women discourage others against Plan B, because they feel as though it’s an abortion pill. I also wanted to clear up that myth. Plan B is NOT an abortion pill. Instead, it is emergency contraception pill that helps prevent you from becoming pregnant before it happens as long as you take Plan B within 72 hours after unprotected sex or birth control failure.  The earlier the better!

I personally would never have an abortion myself (nor would I bash someone who would), but if abortions aren’t right for your beliefs don’t let that deter you from taking Plan B to prevent a pregnancy in the first place and if you don’t want to risk being in the position of being pregnant.

Important Things to Know About Plan B

Giveaways 4 Mom

  •      If you purchase it from Walgreens, you can find it in the family planning aisle.
  •      If you cannot find Plan B in your designated store of choice, it is okay to ask a pharmacist for assistance – they will be able to help without judgement – no questions asked.
  •      The active ingredient in Plan B, levonorgestrel, is the same ingredient in many common birth control pills (it’s just a single, higher dose)
  •      Plan B works mainly by delaying ovulation (ie. preventing pregnancy before it occurs)
  •      If you are already pregnant you shouldn’t take it, but it also will not affect an existing pregnancy
  •      The sooner you take it the better it works, but it must be taken within 72hrs of unprotected sex.
  •      Taking Plan B One-Step will not impact your future fertility
  •      There is no age restriction and you don’t need to show ID or obtain a prescription to purchase it.

Final Thoughts – Stay on Top of Your Health (Women’s Health Is Nothing to Be Embarrassed About)

Plan B One StepOverall, the world and even those around us can be cruel when it comes to women’s health and the decisions we make about our bodies and our health in general. However, the message I hope to have conveyed in this post is that you should stay on top of your health and there’s nothing for you to ever be embarrassed about.

Have you ever been embarrassed about something that related to women’s health? How did you find a way to work past that experience?


  1. My daughter just found out she’s expecting. We were surprised, but it is good news just the same. 🙂

  2. Rose Ann Sales says:

    I have never heard of this product before but it sounds like a nice pill to use and I do believe that no one can be ashamed when it comes to women health.

  3. You are so right. There is nothing to be embarrassed of in being a woman or the things we go through. I’m usually pretty open about female related stuff, as are a lot of the females I know. It’s all natural stuff, and we go through it together.

  4. Faneshia says:

    I wish everyone can read this! This is such an important topic that many don’t discuss. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is a great message and women need to understand their options on this. We hope your message reaches more men and women.

  6. No woman should every be embarrassed about taking care of themselves. I do believe women should take responsibility for their sexual health. It’s always BEST to use condoms so Plan B is not needed.

  7. I really love your message. And I do feel like we have to be more openminded when it comes to the natural body functions.

  8. Yes! Thank you! This is such an important topic to share. There is NOTHING women should feel ashamed about with their health. I wish I had a better understanding of this growing up! x

  9. This is my first time hearing this product. As a woman, I am very conscious about my health and this is something that I really need.

  10. Are there really people that find this embarrassing? 😐 I am quite open about all of this and actually talk to the kids I look after about this as well so that they know it’s okay to talk about it…

  11. I think more than women, men should read this too. I never found any of this stuff weird or strange, it’s natural. Unfortunately, I know many men who think it’s the oddest thing in the world for some reason… :/

    1. Frank,

      I agree men should definitely read this post as well.

  12. I realize you feel this is not an abortion, but I just couldn’t do this. I am sure a lot of women feel like this is a good option for an unwanted pregnancy. My hope is that women would see that waiting until marriage is the best option for everyone. This post gives lots of stats on why waiting is better for women especially.

    1. Hi Julie,

      This pill is taken immediately after intercourse when protection isn’t used. So, it’s preventing the pregnancy from occurring altogether. I wouldn’t go as far as saying women should wait until marriage as that’s best for everyone because marriage isn’t for everyone. For myself, I have three children with my partner but marriage is something that I put on the table as not something I’m interested in years ago. Maybe when I’m older I’ll change my mind but right now I’m happy with things the way they are.

      I did check out your post and it provided a lot of valuable information. I don’t want to say I’m going to tell my boys to wait until marriage but I would hope that they at least wait until they are adults and are smart about it then until they find someone that they want to start a family with. My kiddos are young so that’s a talk that I won’t have to have for some years, though.

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