Fashion Staples Every Work at Home Mom Needs in Her Closet

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Contrary to what many believe, being a work at home mom doesn’t mean that you get to work in your pajamas every day. In fact, I’ve been working at home full time for close to a decade and I can’t even recall the last time I worked in pajamas. 

Between having to do video conference calls to randomly having to run out to do errands or to the kid’s school, getting dressed when I wake up in the morning is something that happens in the same way that it does for those who work 9 to 5s. 

While it is true you don’t have to follow a strict dress code when working from home, there are some fashion staples that I find to be beneficial for work at home moms to have in their closets. 

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High Waisted Leggings

Anyone who knows me knows that 75% of the time I’m probably wearing leggings. I have workout leggings, lounging leggings, and work leggings. Basically, I have leggings for all occasions lol.

High waisted leggings are my go-to when working at home because they suck in the extra tummy fat and they can easily be paired with a variety of top options to make running out in the middle of the workday a breeze. 

Kids school calls? Realize we’re out of a household essential?…No problem, throw on some canvas shoes, grab my purse, and I’m ready to go. 

Recently, I added a new pair of High Waist Coated Leggings from Alloy to my wardrobe and they are absolutely amazing. 

As a tall female (5’11) it can be hard to find leggings that are long enough for me. However, Alloy has a tall section for us tall girls and the best part is the items featured there are super cute and fit amazing. 

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Unless you’re doing admin work or a phone job from home, more than likely you’re going to have to do a few video conference calls during the week. 

Obviously, they aren’t going to be able to see your bottom on camera, but you want to make sure from the waist up you’re keeping things professional. 

To make sure you’re able to handle those spur of the moment conference calls, it’s good to have a blazer on hand. That way, you’re able to quickly throw it on, regardless of what you’re wearing, and maintain a professional demeanor amongst your clients. 

One that I recommend is the San Francisco Classic Tailored Blazer from Cindy Karen. In addition to it working as a work blazer, it is also a good alternative when you’re looking to go for a more casual look while you’re out and about as well. 


Joggers typically fit a little looser than leggings so it makes it easier to manage to be a work at home mom while also taking care of other random tasks. 

The Cape Town Slacks on the Go from Cindy Karen is one of my favorite pair because they can be dressed up or down to fit in for any occasion. 

Forgot about a parent/teacher conference until 45 minutes, or less, before it is about to start?… No worries, with these joggers, you’re already properly dressed to handle anything. 


I love jumpsuits. They’re super easy to put on and very comfortable. 

Plus, with the right material, they can be perfect for lounging around the house, working from home, or going out into town. 

If I’m in a rush in the morning, a jumpsuit is usually my first choice. 

It lets me get the kids off to the bus without looking like I just rolled out of bed and it’s suitable for video conference calls, or a basic workday at home. 

However, like with leggings, it can be super hard to find cute jumpsuits for tall women. 

Thankfully, after finding leggings on Alloy I noticed they had a tall section that consisted of jumpsuits. 

The Tall Eva Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit has immediately become my new favorite. It works with flats and heels and it is one of the most comfortable jumpsuits that I have ever worn.

Conclusion: These Are The Fashion Staples Every Work at Home Mom Must Have in Her Closet

Work at home moms is often viewed as people who get the kids off to school and jump straight into working without caring about their appearance. However, from my experience, this definitely isn’t the case. 

Plus, I’m all about convenience and saving time. 

By having these staples in your closet as part of your work from home wardrobe you can make sure you’re prepared for whatever the day throws at you and avoid wasting time later in the day to make a wardrobe change.

Are you a work at home mom? If so, what do you typically wear during your workday? Are there any fashion staples that I missed? Tell me about it in the comments below. 


Fashion Staples Every Work at Home Mom Needs in Her Closet


  1. I love that jumpsuit! I don’t own any jumpsuits yet. I typically wear Pajamas at home, but my pajamas consist of sweat pants or Leggings. If I have to go out, then I wear jeans.

  2. Those are awesome outfits! I just wear pajamas at home, too comfortable. I love wearing high wasted black leggings when I am not at home.

  3. I like those leggings. I am kind of tall and have trouble finding leggings that are long enough. These look nice on you. I need to get my work from home schedule together.

  4. I have most of these in my closet too. Leggings are a must for me. They are so comfy. You have to have at least one pair of those.

  5. I definitely need a fashion upgrade. Wishing for some new cute clothes for Christmas! 🙂

  6. Those would be a great addition to my closet. I am bad at working in my pj’s all day and I know that is a bad habit to have.

  7. I am a work at home mom and I typically wear my pajamas all day everyday. LOL. I do love wearing leggings too, though.

  8. I actually am in the market for a new blazer. I don’t have any at the moment (I outgrew them after pregnancy) but you’re so right – they’re key to have in your wardrobe!

  9. Catalina says:

    You look so perfect! I should check out these outfits! I love them!

  10. Ruth I says:

    These are stylish outfits to try. Pretty simple, neat and just incredible tidy. You have a good eye for fashion.

  11. I think I’m too old to wear leggings in public, but they are comfortable. That jumpsuit looks so good on you!

    1. Beth,

      Wear what makes you comfortable. Age is nothing but a number. Thanks!

  12. Your work-at-home outfits look super comfortable! I’m ready to update my wardrobe when the new year begins!

  13. Your choices for work at home moms is so on target. It is a little bit of a misnomer because I am always going out to events and to the gym.

  14. If I’m outside for work, I wear dresses or businesslike attire. At home, I tend to still dress accordingly, especially if I have to go out for some reason!

  15. I love the high waisted leggings. Well, I love leggings of all kinds and I pretty much live in them during the winter months. I’m extremely high wasted so these are calling my name. You look fab!

    1. Alli,

      Thanks. I’m definitely a leggings type of girl as well.

  16. Amber Myers says:

    I have some of these, but not all. I do work from home, but I mostly stick to my comfy pants and t-shirts!

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