5 Products to Help Yoga Beginners Get Started at Home

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Getting started with yoga doesn’t have to be hard.

Fitness was one of my goals for this year and to get started I begin doing yoga at home. As a yoga beginner I didn’t have any clue for how to get started, therefore, I had to do some research and I found out that specific products help make getting started with yoga easier.

Therefore, today I wanted to share with you the five products that I found that make getting into a yoga routine easier for beginners.

Let’s get started!

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Yoga Blocks

You may find yourself struggling to perform a specific yoga movement in the beginning. It’s dangerous to try to force your body to do something it’s not ready to tackle yet. This is why yoga blocks should be considered an essential item for yoga beginners.

Yoga blocks allow you to perform moves safely because they reduce the necessary range of motion. Think of it as training wheels on a bicycle.

Yoga Strap

Flexibility is everything in yoga. 

As well as developing strength, you’ll also spend time developing flexibility. Yoga straps are like yoga blocks, in this respect.

The difference is the yoga strap supplements your movements if you’re lacking in flexibility. You’ll be able to improve your flexibility much faster if you introduce yoga straps early.

Yoga Gloves

One of the most common problems yoga beginners have is slipping when they’re trying to push themselves. Yes, a different yoga mat helps, but anyone who has been doing this for a long time knows that yoga gloves can be a big help.

Use yoga gloves and you’ll be able to stop slipping, no matter which level you’ve reached. Plus, it’s much safer if you’re trying to push yourself to that next level.

Natura TPE Mat

The most important piece of equipment for yoga beginners is your yoga mat. A poor-quality yoga mat diminishes the quality of your workout and increases the chances of an injury occurring.

The Natura TPE Mat is lightweight, so it’s easy to carry. It’s thicker than normal mats, so if you’ve had joint problems in the past you won’t experience pain or discomfort.

Where this mat excels is in its surface. The texture is super grippy, so even if you’re sweating you won’t be slipping around all over the place.

It’s also highly recommended for yoga beginners because this mat makes it easier to stay in poses.

Yoga Wheel

Ready to take your yoga to the next level?

Then a yoga wheel is a way to do it. The main advantage of a yoga wheel is you’ll be able to improve your core fitness. Furthermore, yoga wheels are advantageous because they give those little stabilizing muscles a real workout.

Yoga beginners who decide to pick up a yoga wheel tend to advance at a faster rate than those who don’t.

Another use for the yoga wheel is rest and recovery. Rolling it along the length of your spine through certain poses will enable you to rid yourself of back pain and discomfort.

Rollers are commonly used in weightlifting too for this reason. Take note that rolling can be uncomfortable in the beginning, but it will benefit you over a period.

Final Thoughts – Having the Right Products Make It Easy for Yoga Beginners

While it is true that you can get started at home with yoga with no equipment, you’ll find that these five products help you get the most out of your yoga sessions each day. My favorite yoga products include my yoga towel, yoga socks, and of course yoga gloves.

What products would you recommend to yoga beginners?






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