How to Work a Remote Phone Job with Kids at Home

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Phone jobs at home have really increased this past couple of years. It seems like the perfect way for single moms and stay at home moms to make some extra money. However, the downside is you need to have a quiet background, and this can seem impossible when you have young kids at home.

The good news is, with the recent uptick in working phone jobs from home, I actually gave this a try when my business was slow with a company called Conduent and I was able to keep my income steady during my slower months with my business while I had three young kids at home.

AND today I’m sharing my tips with you!

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Try to Land a Schedule That Allows You to Work When Your Partner is at Home

Working a phone job can seem almost impossible when managing young kids. However, with so many home phone jobs available, there’s a good chance that you can find one with a schedule that is somewhat flexible.

Try to make your work hours coincide with when your partner is home from work.

For example, when I was doing my call center job my permanent schedule was a split shift. I’d work for four hours in the morning and four hours in the evening. Mornings weren’t bad during the school week, however, since I also worked weekends things got tricky. My partner didn’t have to work weekends then and he was off once the kids got off the bus from school so that was a perfect schedule for us.

Install a WiFi Camera in the Area Where Your Kids Will Be While You’re Working

If you’re a single mom, or your partner won’t be there for your entire shift to handle the kids, installing a Wi-Fi camera is a great option.

By having a Wi-Fi camera installed you will avoid having to keep getting up and down or yelling between calls. Instead, the camera will connect to your phone or tablet and you can see what’s going on and (depending on the camera) you can speak through the camera to relay your relevant messages.

However, keep in mind, some phone jobs at home do require that you don’t have any technology in your office while you’re working. So, if you are going to need to utilize a Wi-Fi camera option to communicate with the kids during some of your shift make sure that you don’t sign on with a job that has a no-tech rule in the office.

The PAW Patrol Chase camera is a good, affordable option if you don’t know where to turn.

Set Rules for When You’re Working Your Home Phone Job

Having rules in place and creating a routine is one of the best ways to ensure that you can successfully work a phone job with young kids at home. In my case, during my working hours I had the following rules:

  • Remain quiet (it’s okay to talk, but no yelling)
  • When watching television make sure the volume isn’t past 15.
  • No rough-housing or playing games that lead to excessive noise.
  • No coming upstairs

This may be a struggle during the first few days of your work from home phone job as your kids get used to this new routine. But if you calmly explain why it’s so important (and spend quality time with them afterward) it shouldn’t take them too long to understand.

In my case, even with the split shift, I got a 10-minute break every two hours. This allowed me to check in with them and them to grab anything they may have forgotten in their room when they went downstairs.

Additionally, since when I first started training my schedule was from 8 am – 5 pm, we implemented game nights after dinner in the evenings to make sure our quality time together wasn’t lost.

Stock Up on Quiet Activities

Since the main rule, you’ll have to put into place when working a phone job with young kids at home is that they’ll have to be quiet for a period of hours at a time it’s important to make sure you have quiet activities.

In my case, the boys do have a learning center with a ton of books, educational games, etc., but I also got them some fun quiet activities too such as new apps for their tech, coloring supplies, puzzles, and the PBS Plug and Play Streaming Stick.

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Conclusion: It Is Possible to Work a Phone Job with Young Kids at Home

Working a phone job from home can be the solution to financial problems or even just breaking into the work from home culture. However, many moms don’t consider it because they don’t think it’s possible to do the job successfully with young kids at home.

Hopefully, these tips allow you to see that working a phone job with young kids at home is possible with a few changes to your routine.

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How to Work a Remote Phone Job with Kids at Home

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